Mini Pizza Pie Snacks for your littles!!

 Today is Pizza Pie Day!!!!!! Oh man, I am a sucker for all types of pizza. I believe that pizza is what unites us. Okay, maybe not but it unites our family. It is our go to meal when I am feeling too lazy too cook. The thing that I love about pizza is that […]

Date Night Jar

 In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d take a minute and talk a little about Love and Marriage. It’s no secret that being married to someone in the military isn’t easy, heck that’s usually the first thing someone you’ve just met will say once they learn that you or your spouse are in […]

Beads and is Fat Tuesday!

 Did you know that Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany and peaking on the day before Ash Wednesday? FAT TUESDAY is coming, are you ready? Fat Tuesday corresponds to the idea of the last night of eating fatty, […]

Eliminate the COLIC with Playtex!

 WHAT!!?? Can you believe this MMS family…. $2.00 OFF PLAYTEX baby bottles! When my kiddos were babies (many years ago), I tried ALL different types of bottles and fell in love with these. These bottles are great for feeding and soothing your baby. Less air bubbles equate to a HAPPY BABY. The tiny anti-colic bottom […]


 OMG….If you have not tried the exquisite NEW RISERVA Pasta Sauce by CLASSICO…You MUST!! The taste is out of this world and the clean ingredient line makes me feel really great about serving it! I used it to make Pasta Calabrese last night! WOW!!!…WOW!!!…WOW!!!  There is nothing like it! Hint: the roasted garlic…To Die For! […]

2 (1)

 When we think about epidemics facing our children, many parents immediately think of diseases or health issues. While viruses and infections do pose real threats, it might be surprising that today’s technology is exposing children and teenagers to alarming rates of cyber dangers. One area of concern facing our sons and daughters is the epidemic […]

Black Bean Burger with Tomato Relish Recipe

 The big game has come and gone but burgers still remain and awesome foods to enjoy, am I right?! Not only will Monday’s continue to be meatless in our home, Fridays will also be meatless with the start of Lenten season for us. I love all of the meatless options we can have from Kellogg’s […]

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey!

 It is time to celebrate the YEAR OF THE MONKEY with the start of the Chinese New Year! This FIFTEEN day celebration is the Chinese equivalent of our Christmas. They have been partying it up this way for over 4,000 years! It was thought that the monster Nian hated the color red, so each year […]

The Red Pyramid – Week 1

 Sadie and Carter are brother and sister, but they hardly spend any time together. After the death of their mother, Sadie went to live with her grandparents in London, while Carter travels the world with their dad. Their father, is an archaeologist, and Carter goes from one dig site to the other, and learns what […]

The Witch’s Daughter – Week 1

 Bess Hawksmith has a tranquil life. Her family is not wealthy, but they are not poor. They get by, and they work their farm together. Along with her father and mother, she has two other siblings, an older brother Thomas and a younger sister, Margaret. Their mother, Anne,  is a healer and she is regularly […]