Happy Independence Day!!!

 On 2 July, 1776, the thirteen colonies which comprised the Second Continental Congress voted for Independence from England. 4 July, 1776 saw the Declaration of Independence, which was written by Thomas Jefferson, adopted by the delegates in attendance. Since 1776, 4 July has been celebrated, although John Adams insisted that 2 July was the actual […]

The Secret Garden – Week 1

 Mary Lennox just might be the most selfish and ignored little girl on the face of the planet. What she wants, she gets, and if she does not get what she wants, she throws a temper tantrum. While she can view her parents from afar, they do not have time for her. Her father is […]

The Help – Week 1

 Aibileen, Minny, and Miss Skeeter all live in the same area, but their lives could not be more different. Aibileen and Minny work as hired help in the homes of their white counterparts. Miss Skeeter, an unfortunate nickname, is the daughter of a cotton farmer, and well-to-do. Jackson, Mississippi is as diverse as they come. […]


 Happy 4th of JULY weekend, it’s FUN and it’s FRIDAY! Any special plans for your 4th of JULY weekend? Let’s stay cool and BE SAFE. Since it is a celebration of Independence Day; we are going to party it up with a festive drink!! PATRIOTIC PUNCH, it is!! INGREDIENTS: 4 ounces of Barefoot Refresh Summer […]

4th of July Craft Ideas

 Happy 4th of July to you!! Who’s got the grill warming up already? Or are you picking up last minute items? Need to keep the kids busy while you prep?! I’ve got a great group of crafts you can do with the kids while you wait to eat or the fireworks! First off! If you […]

Vegan On A Budget: Summer Water

 I am the type of person that sorta hates water. I can’t do tap water & bottled just taste so bland to me. I’ve always had to add something to it. But not the type of flavored water you purchase that has a crazy amount of sugar and syrup. I like adding random fruits and […]


 ***HOT DEALS AT THE COMMISSARY!!!*** Check out this week’s HOT FINDs at the COMMISSARY!!! ***SIMPLY LEMONADE*** On sale for $1.69 Use $0.75/1 MQ and only pay $0.94 each!! ***Kellogg’s Froot Loops*** On Sale this week for $3.99… Use $1/1 MQ (Kelogg’s Rewards)¬†and only pay $2.99 for the large FAMILY SIZE box!! Other Coupons Available: -$1/3 […]


 Happy WINE WEDNESDAY! Summer is definitely here! It’s HOT outside and a peach refresher will COOL you down. Sit on your patio tonight with your wine and ENJOY WINE Wednesday. This drink can be made with Mirassou Pinot Grigio or Mirassou Sauvignon Blanc. Both of these wines are white and have an amazing taste. The […]


  The Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner! This time of the year is not only special for our country, but it is pretty special for myself as well because my son was born July 5th! I always tell people he heard the fireworks and thought it was his cue for arrival. […]

Stop Little One’s Sniffles with Triaminic

  Is your little one feeling down with a cough or cold? Well, help get them back to normal with Triaminic! Triaminic comes in a variety of formulas including: Daytime Cough & Cold Night Time Cough & Cold Multi-Symptom Fever & Cold Cough & Congestion Cough & Sore Throat So the next time your little […]