book club 3

 Mary Yellan is about to find out that life is not always as nice as it was when she lived on the farm with her mother. They did they best they could, but after her mother died, there was nothing for her there. She promised her mother that she would go to her Aunt Patience. […]


 First off sorry for no video, my computer was not cooperating! Zion has had a pretty good 2 weeks. We did have a great Thanksgiving though! Long story short, my dad was supposed to have heart surgery which put dinner on the rocks. He ended up not having to have it and so we celebrated […]

book club 3

 Brian Robeson is on his way to spend the summer with his dad. As he thinks over the past several months, the landscape flies by underneath. While he tries to stay as small as possible in the plane, he has moments where he wishes things had not changed. So many changes, and so many things […]


 Hello MMS family….it is the weekend, FINALLY! Tonight, we are ballin’ it out! Often military balls get too CRAZY but we tame ourselves and have a GREAT time! Even the ones who don’t tame themselves have a good time too! Pre-party was at our house so I mixed it up with my bartending skills and […]


 After Thanksgiving, we always, always, ALWAYS have a ton of leftover ham. This is because my husband constantly insists on us getting a huge ham every year because he loves cold ham sandwiches! But after several days, he inevitably gets burned out and I’m still left with a ton of ham to use up! This […]


  Always wanted to know how to make your own pots out of clay, but didn’t know where to start? MWR Fort Campbell offers classes for ages 14 and older. It will take place at Guenette Arts & Crafts Center, 89 Screaming Eagle Blvd, Fort Campbell, KY. Two classes are available (each class lasts two days): […]


    Are you a bingo lover? If so, maybe it’s time to get the kids playing as well. The Community Events and Bingo Center is hosting their Children’s Christmas Bingo on December 17th. For only $5 your child can play bingo and earn age appropriate prizes for ages 2-12. Doors open at 10am, so […]


 Cape Fear Botanical Garden is celebrating its sixth annual Holiday Lights in the Garden December 9th-23rd and 26th-30th from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. There will be thousands of lights illuminating plants, trees, and new exhibits while coordinated to music. Santa will be present on select days for photographs with children. Elves will host story […]


  The Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony provides a sense of tradition to military families. It can be very hard when your family is separated during the holiday season and your extended family is so far away. This ceremony provides those families and all others with the feeling of togetherness, understanding and community love. This year, […]


  Holiday traditions. They are always something we look forward to when they approach, and for some, the trip isn’t one they can take or enjoy. Well, on December, 15th, 2016, The Benning Club’s Lexington Room will host a Traditional Holiday Buffet, for those who are unable to make the trip home, or who have […]