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 When the witch killed Aslan, she thought that she had the entire world back under her control. She had no idea just how wrong she was. What she did not know, is that the magic she relied on  was not as it should have been. Aslan was innocent, he was not a traitor. Therefore, the […]


 Zion started his speech services with one of the local school districts and its honestly been hit and miss. The 1st session he did great, then after that the Speech teacher switched things on him and he shut down. The next session after that, my mom couldn’t even get him out of the house to […]


 Tired of the same boring old breakfast? Well Simply® Mixed Berry has a delicious french toast recipe that is quick and easy. Using just a few ingredients and Simply® Mixed Berry juice drink, you can create and decadent breakfast meal that is sure to be winner with the whole family! Simply Mixed Berry Stuffed French […]


 Well, it is Friday FINALLY and that means it is ALMOST the weekend! My Happy HOUR Café is brewing up something for my PUMPKIN LOVERS! I do not personally care for PUMPKIN anything BUT I know so MANY people who are PUMPKIN EVERYTHING soooo I knew I had to share! It is NEW and for […]


 Is your baby ready to experience new foods? If your little one is a sitter, then they are ready to dive into Gerber® Organic 2nd Foods®! Gerber® Organic 2nd Foods® help expose babies to a variety of tastes and ingredient combinations, which is important to help them accept new flavors. Each pouch includes: USDA Certified Organic […]


  FOOTBALL FANS! This one is for you!! We are a house divided, but a house united when it comes to FOOTBALL!!!! Are you ready for some football??? Sundays, Monday nights, Thursday nights! And…. CHINET has all of your tailgating needs, plates, cups, flatware!! I love love tailgate foods! Hot wings, burgers, hot dogs, potato […]


 Hey MMS family…have you tried the Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser from Aveeno? It has to be the best thing SINCE sliced bread! When I read the reviews of this cleanser, I was completely on board. How could you go wrong with this? A cleanser that improves the look of facial redness and calm irritated or […]

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 I would do anything in the world for my fur baby!  That’s why Bruiser Ray (my fur baby) is a Purina Baby!  He may be 16 years old, but he’s my baby and I want the best for him.  He loves Beneful.  Beneful loves him back with making real chicken their number one ingredient in […]


 I used to pack my husband’s lunch every day for him because his schedule was so hectic that he found he was usually spending his lunch “break” at his desk, shoving food into his mouth in between taking phone calls and writing reports. After a few months of the same ‘ole sandwiches or the occasional container full of […]

Relieve your pain with Aspercreme

 The time of the year has finally rolled around where the aches and pains become a little more constant. Thanks to the frequent wet weather and the up and down of daily life, it can be difficult to find that relief at times. But Aspercreme is just the thing to help relieve those achy muscles! […]