National Brownies at Brunch Month!!

 Its…… NATIONAL BROWNIES AT BRUNCH MONTH!! Who doesn’t love brownies?! Check out some Easy to do Brownie Recipes with Hershey’s chocolate! ROCKY ROAD BROWNIES Ingredients 38 to 40 HERSHEY’S MINIATURES Chocolate Bars, unwrapped 2-1/2 cups miniature marshmallows 1 cup chopped nuts 1 package (13x 9 family size) brownie mix Directions Heat oven to 350°F. Cut […]

Get Relief with Vagistat

 Women troubles are never fun, but there is relief! If it is a yeast infection that has got you down, turn to Vagistat for treatment. Choose from a 1 dose treatment or a 3 dose treatment. Vagistat-1 vaginal ointment: 1 pre-filled applicator Treats and cures most vaginal yeast infections Odorless formula Vagistat-3 combination pack: 3 vaginal suppositories […]

It’s Picnic Day!

 It’s August and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school to start again is just around the corner.  Don’t let the frustrations get to you and get you down.  Just imagine yourself soaking up the warm rays of the sun with a refreshing beverage, of your choice, in your hands. Listen to the […]

US Coast Guard Day

 The US Coast Guard has undergone many changes during its short history. When the Coast Guard was first formed on 4 August 1790, their purpose was to enforce the tariff laws which had been enacted under the Constitution. Alexander  Hamilton was the initial founder, as the Secretary of the Treasury. For the next 125 years they functioned as […]


 Happy #MeatlessMonday to you! What is it about Summer and burgers? I think they go hand in hand like hot cocoa and winter right? I cook burgers often in the summer, it just works out that way. One of our favorite burger patties comes from Kellogg’s brand MorningStar Farms products! You guessed this the Black […]

Celebrate Friendship Day

  Today is Friendship Day! Today is a day to celebrate the beautiful friendships in your life! While in some countries this day is celebrated on July 30th, other countries celebrate on the first Sunday in August. This day was first promoted by Joyce Hall (founder of Hallmark) in 1930 and was intended to be a […]


 ***KEEP THE KIDDO’S HAPPY THIS SUMMER WITH THESE AWESOME IDEAS FROM CHINET!!*** “MOMMY I’M BORED” The FAMOUS words of my very energetic 5 year old…my 5 year old that has what I’m pretty sure is over a MILLION toys, an iPad, a DS game system…oh and a HUGE BACKYARD that she can play in. CRAZY […]

Back to School Savings!

  It’s back to school time! Time to start gathering school supplies, buy new backpacks and that first day of school outfit! How about school lunches?? We do not always like what our kids consume at school, so many of us have turned to packed lunches. There are so many creative ways to make your […]

Del Monte’s Watermelon Salsa

 What better way to celebrate National Watermelon Day than with this Cool Watermelon Salsa!! Head over to the commissary and grab these simple ingredients from DEL MONTE for a mouth watering treat! There are so many ways to eat Watermelon and salsa is one that never crossed my mind! I am going to buy the […]

Mustard…. the delicious scoop

   Who would have thought something as delicious as MUSTARD could bring people together, especially in small town Wisconsin!? The National Mustard Museum in Middleton Wisconsin has been the official sponsor of #NationalMustardDay since 1991. They bring in OVER 6000 people annually, for a day full of games, food and fun! The extremely awesome part […]