Usually, for Military Monday I highlight a well known celebrity, athlete or political figure. This Military Monday I wanted to highlight someone who isn’t one of the above but he was a soldier and currently in the public eye for bravery and strength! NOAH GALLOWAY!!! Some of you may recognize him from his appearances throughout […]

Love coffee and chocolate? Well BOOST Glucose Control® has a recipe just for you! This Chocolate Coffee Cooler is delicious and nutritious- seriously! It is made with BOOST Glucose Control® Chocolate drink and a few other simple ingredients. What You Need 1 – 8 fl. oz. bottle BOOST Glucose Control® (Chocolate Drink) 2 tsp. instant […]

Jane has been proclaimed the Queen of England, by her father in law. John Dudley is the most powerful man in the country at this point. The only problem is – the people of England do not want her as their queen. Many view the Princess Mary as the rightful heir to her brothers throne, […]

Mary Surratt is on trial for her life. She has been charged, along with six others, for the murder of the President. With the trial being held in military court, she is hoping for leniency. With the mastermind of the plan on the run, there is no one to really say whether she knew or […]

Well move-in day to our new house has finally happened! Although we have done everything we possibly can to make this transition easier for Zion, he still has a lot of questions, and we are okay with that. We keep having to tell him that this is our forever home. We tell him at least […]

It is a GIRLS night….

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD A LADIES’ NIGHT? CÎROC Red Berry is here to deliver the night you have been waiting for! Tonight, I am HAVING a LADIES’ NIGHT and we ALL mentioned that this night is LONG OVERDUE!! I have my adult beverages ready to GO!! I am sharing one of my […]

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Want something healthy, simple, delicious, and done in less then 5 minutes? Then you need to check out this Simply Green Smoothie made with fairlife® 2% ultra-filtered milk! This is your wholesome 5 ingredient fix that makes being healthy easy! Simply Green Smoothie What You Need ▪1/2 each Avocado ▪1/2 cup Spinach (frozen is okay) […]

SUDAFED for the win!

Spring break is upon us! Now is not the time you want to be sick, especially if you have some awesome plans lined up. But sickness comes when you least want it. Seriously though, who has time to be sick!? NO ONE! Life is busy enough without trying to muddle through your day feeling yucky, […]

Allergy Relief is HERE!

Allergy season has finally rolled back around, and they are no joke! If you, like many, suffer from severe allergies you are going to need to check this out! ALL NEW allergy medication XYZAL is available now! Allergy relief is just around the corner! At your local commissary right now, you can stock up and […]