Get to the NEXT LEVEL with DeLeón Tequila!

 Hello MMS family! SCHOOL hasn’t started yet in Okinawa but it is coming quickly. August 29th, the KIDDOS will officially be BACK AT SCHOOL. I have had a GREAT SUMMER with my family but it is time to get back to another GREAT school year. This month my whole family starts back to school…..I am […]


 August 29th is the Marine Corps Reserve’s birthday – wooo hooo!!! But when I learned that this year marks the 100th anniversary of establishment for this organization I was extremely intrigued and wanted to research the history behind it all. The official website of the Marine Corps Forces Reserve is a fantastic, informative source that I […]

Life begins when HAPPY HOUR Starts!

 Well, it is ANOTHER day ANOTHER Dollar. It is FRIDAY and it is time for MY HAPPY HOUR CAFÉ! I am ALWAYS excited about the WEEKEND! This weekend a few families are getting together for the LAST SHEBANG before SCHOOL starts. WOOHOO! Another week of searching what to share with my MMS fans….and I came […]

whitewashed featured

 The dog days of summer are finally over… But apparently, our new family puppy, Piper (a 9-month-old beagle) didn’t get the memo. She’s a digger and unfortunately the dinosaur garden we made this summer has become her new favorite spot and was her first victim. One sunny afternoon she tricked us into thinking she was […]

bacon biscuits featured

 Cheese. Bacon.Biscuits. These three things just go together folks. Like peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Coffee and donuts. Gravy and mashed potatoes. Milk and cookies. Burgers and Fries….I keep going on but I think you catch my drift. Soft, flaky biscuits are topped with melted, creamy, tantalizing cheese and finished off with flavorful, salty, […]


 So I did a little something different on our video this week. I wanted to show how much language Zion has, but also the lack of clarity. He knows ALL his letters, but if you watch him, he can’t say some of them, so he replaces it with a different letter. In particular I noticed […]

Happy WHISKEY sour DAY!

 I am beginning to believe that there is a day for EVERYTHING! Days that allow you to have a drink to celebrate are my favorite. Some days we need days to celebrate with an adult tasty beverage, other days we just feel like it or something pushes us to do it. Today we are celebrating […]

 Just because summer is coming to an end, does not mean you should not still use sunscreen on your face as part of your make up routine.  With Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer with sunscreen, you can knock out two birds with one stone.  You can prepare your face’s palate for your make up with the […]

 There are all sorts of reasons to get a pet.  One big reason is for a companion service pet, especially in the Military. We have Veterans  whom need a service pet, as well we have Military Dependents (i.e.: Spouses & Children) whom may also be in need of a service pet due to a disability that is either […]

chicken salad featured

 As summer creeps closer and closer to its end, a little part of me slowly dies inside. But definitely not the part of me that can’t wait for the bugs to go away, for the humidity to cease, and for the kids to be back in school! No, it’s the part of me that loves, loves, LOVES […]