Back to School Savings!

  It’s back to school time! Time to start gathering school supplies, buy new backpacks and that first day of school outfit! How about school lunches?? We do not always like what our kids consume at school, so many of us have turned to packed lunches. There are so many creative ways to make your […]

Del Monte’s Watermelon Salsa

 What better way to celebrate National Watermelon Day than with this Cool Watermelon Salsa!! Head over to the commissary and grab these simple ingredients from DEL MONTE for a mouth watering treat! There are so many ways to eat Watermelon and salsa is one that never crossed my mind! I am going to buy the […]

Mustard…. the delicious scoop

   Who would have thought something as delicious as MUSTARD could bring people together, especially in small town Wisconsin!? The National Mustard Museum in Middleton Wisconsin has been the official sponsor of #NationalMustardDay since 1991. They bring in OVER 6000 people annually, for a day full of games, food and fun! The extremely awesome part […]

Who Invented The Ice Cream Sandwich ?

 When I get cool ideas to write about, like this one, I find it so fun. I love researching and figuring history out. Mainly for my own selfish knowledge. Like I told you in the chocolate facts blog, I will win on some random game show one day with all this info. Today is National […]

FUNDAY FRIDAY with my family!

 It’s FUNDAY FRIDAY!! Let’s party…After 3 years of being overseas; I am in the states visiting my family so today is truly a FUNDAY FRIDAY with my family. Time to have some family GREAT family fun and make MORE memories. We will have an ALL weekend party with our family fun and I have a […]

Happy Snail

 We have totally been on a outdoor kick with animals and insects for our craft. I don’t know what it is about animals and insects during the Summer. I guess we become more aware because life slows down a bit. Do you find that in your home? Or are you go-go-go? June was crazy busy […]


 Get your name on the US Coast Guard’s birthday card to wish them an early Happy 225th Birthday!!!  Click Here!  

Keep it clean with Kleenex!!

 Hello MMS family! Ever been somewhere and you needed something to clean and freshen up from dirt? Well, this is the story of my life since I have 3 messy kids. I can’t tell you how often I have been on a road trip, maybe taken a day trip and I searched for a product […]


  Who loves jelly beans? In my house, EVERYBODY does!! In fact, while I was pregnant with my son, jelly beans were what I craved the most! National Jump for Jelly Beans Day is celebrated on July 31st! Because of this amazing day, candy lovers are encouraged to show their appreciation for jelly beans!! Jelly […]


 I will keep a running list here of all the books that we have done. ADULTS 1.  Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier 2. The American Heiress – Daisy Goodwin 3. Bag of Bones – Stephen King 4. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon 5. Blood and Thunder – Hampton Sides 6. Flight of the Sparrow – Amy […]