Walking tacos featured

 As summer is hitting the half way mark, my family and I are finally getting ready for camping!  And this year we are lucky enough to be going with my husband’s entire family while we are spending his summer block leave “home” in Oregon. Camping has so many awesome benefits… Especially when you have kids! […]

Happy National Tequila Day!

 Grab a lime or a lemon and some salt, yes, it is a holiday…today is National Tequila Day! A day of drinking tequila….DON’T judge me! Made from the blue agave plant, tequila has a profound story and it is celebrated in history. Named after the small town of Tequila in a valley west of Guadalajara […]

book club 3

 With the beginning of the school year, new teacher has come to the small town that Tom and John live in. Gone are the days of a understanding teacher, and in her place is a new teacher. This teacher believes in spankings in the school house instead of allowing the parents to mete out the […]

book club 3

 Isabelle is continuing her harrowing work with smuggling the downed fliers into free zones, but the nets are tightening and they are searching for the Nightingale more and more. Vianne is also learning that she can do something to help the war effort. Seeing the children being deported is breaking her heart, and so she […]

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 Can you believe summer is already half way over?! I surely can’t! Time just goes too fast. Only a month and a few days until my two go back to school , which also means it’ll be time for fall sports to start! With the starting of school and sports also comes after school clubs, […]

coffee filter featured

 This coffee filter wreath has been on my list for over a year now! I planned to make it not last Christmas, but THE Christmas BEFORE! You know…2014!!! But,you know… Kids… Work…family….all the things that take priority, then before I knew it, it was Christmas last year and still no wreath! Well…. They don’t say […]

July Theme for General Mills

  July is the month of Independence, but nothing says that you can only celebrate it once! Celebrate freedom all summer long with these delicious and patriotic treats! These are super easy and fun to make, and you will want to keep these recipes to create over and over! Summer screams fun foods and time […]


 Summer isn’t over yet!!! The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill is still in the air! Do you still have all your grilling needs!? Ran out? Don’t worry! The commissary has you covered!! Check out these AMAZING deals on BIC lighters! Tailgate the upcoming football games, or grill in the backyard with your […]

Time for happy hour!

 Hello MMS family! It is 5 o’ clock somewhere! It is actually after 5 o’ clock where I am so HAPPY HOUR is in FULL EFFECT. Today in my HAPPY HOUR cafe we are going to take it easy and ENJOY some cold beer to wind down. Who doesn’t like a cold one occasionally on […]


 My heart sank and broke all at the same time yesterday (7/21). We went and ran errands with my mom and decided to go eat after. Zion finished most of his food and told me he wanted to go play on the playscape. Of course this always makes me happy, so I gladly let him […]