Have a blast with JACK-O Blast this FALL!

 Just in time for Halloween and some FALL fun, we got JACK-O Blast from Captain Morgan. Pumpkin is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE so I am still following the trend. Get ready for an impressive fall season with CAPTAIN MORGAN Jack-O’Blast Limited Edition Pumpkin Spiced Rum, the first pumpkin spiced rum offering to ever hit shelves. Of […]

 To learn about what you can do to help with the dark circles under your eyes visit Neutrogena’s article by clicking here. Let’s face it, there are a million reasons we can have those unsightly dark circles under our eyes.  There is stress in this Military lifestyle that we all live.  We have to deal […]


 Has your kid ever loved something so much that they wanted to BE it?? Sure they have. Remember when the Frozen movie first came out and EVERY little girl thought she was Elsa? Ohhhh yeah. I will NEVER listen to “Let it Go” again. EVER. My friend’s son thought he was Clifford the Big Red […]


 I don’t know about you, but I LOVE soup. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, I could always eat a delicious bowl. Luckily, it’s finally cooling off so it’s more acceptable to keep making soup. 😉 This red lentil soup is SUPER quick, easy, and very tasty. It’s warm and fragrant and just […]


 Okay, I know I’m not the only one here. I can’t be. There’s no way that I am the only parent that hates the idea of coming home with an entire bag full of sugar balls, chocolate drops, and lollipops (oh my) after a fun night of trick-or-treating. Am I right? Who’s with me!? It is […]

book club 3

 The numbers on Soldier Island continue to dwindle, and now there are just four people left. Blore, Armstrong, Ms. Claythorne and Philip Lombard are the remaining prisoners. For isn’t that what they are?? While they continue to debate who the guilty party is, the question of the missing revolver comes about again. They have searched […]

book club 3

 The time for peace is over. Something is fixing to happen in Boston and the entire city is holding its breath. As the Sons of the Revolution begin to gather more information, Johnny does his best to keep his ears open and listen for what might be happening out in town. When Dove begins to […]

Don’t let COLD SEASON stop you!

 Right now, at your local commissary, all TYLENOL products are on sale! No matter what the season throws at you, be prepared! Hurry over to your commissary now and stock up on all your favorite products! You can then rest assured that no matter what the fall/winter season brings, you have something to relieve all […]


 Everyone getting ready for your Halloween parties?! CHINET has your back with plates, cups and flatware to make set up AND clean up a snap!! I have a pretty spectacular recipe for you, using CHINET cups! Your guests have a delicious dessert AND you don’t have to do dishes! WIN WIN!! Check it out 🙂 PUMPKIN ICE […]

Spooktacular Deals and Wicked Eats from General Mills

    October is one of the best months of the year! Not only do you get to see the leaves beginning to change colors, but HALLOWEEN is approaching! For those of you who love Halloween as much as I do, you get it! The parties, the fun with kids, and the FOOD! You simply […]