More PUMPKIN….bring it to the PARTY!

 Hey MMS family! Another limited edition pumpkin surprise, ARE YOU READY? People have some of the best parties at Halloween. They plan the party all year round! They crave for the best costumes, the best cocktails and just the BEST TIMES in general. Although I can’t contribute too much to the parties, I can give you […]


 Proper diet is key to healthy living and BOOST® Nutritional Drinks are packed with ingredients to help give the nutrition you need! BOOST Glucose Control® Drink is a balanced nutritional drink specially formulated for people with diabetes. It provides a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat which are designed to help manage blood glucose levels as part […]

A little HAPPY HOUR fun!

 Hello MMS family! It is almost the weekend…it is 5 o’clock somewhere in my Happy Hour Café so we have decided to celebrate with a few cocktails. Is there anything special going on in your city this weekend or do you have any special plans? We have Friday night HIGH school football so I am […]

Welcome to MyHomeBase

 Welcome to MyHomeBase, your personalized community guide to military life, shopping, and activities on-base and outside the gates! Take advantage of this great opportunity! If you are interested in helping our sales team in your military base area, please contact Facebook Comments


 Do you have trouble getting your daily dose of fiber? If so, then Benefiber® is for you! Benefiber® allows you to add fiber into your diet in any way that you want! Benefiber® is a clear and taste-free fiber supplement you can add to a glass of water or your morning coffee or your cooking and even […]


 Now that school is back in session both my children and I have been able to log a lot more reading hours. My fifth grader, K,  is responsible for reading and writing a summary of what she read each day and this mama right here actually has time to power through a few chapters of […]


 I have put a lot of thought into journaling about my baking adventures. This was not always a passion of mine but during my second pregnancy something just clicked… I was craving decadent chocolate ganache, fluffy cakes, and rich creams. I attempted to whip together a few sweet treats on my own (because the bakery gets expensive after a […]

 It is a fact of life for many of us that the oils on our facial pores can cause us to shine in ways we don’t want.  We should shine because of our personalities and our radiant beauty.  With Neutrogena’s Shine Control Makeup, we can do just that.  Starting off with the Shine Control Primer […]

Create Back to School Snacks on a Budget

  We all know that when kids get home from school, they are starving! It does not matter what size lunch you sent with them, their little bodies (and growing bodies) are always needing nourishment. While we realize this, it does not mean that we do not roll our eyes a bit and sigh over […]


 Do you know what I dread at the end of each week, besides the infinite piles of dirty laundry that needs washing? I despise planning a dinner menu. I sit down with all of my cookbooks, print outs from Pinterest, and recipe cards from my mother and grandmother and try to decide what I will […]