A Valentines Heart Attack of Love!


February 1st! The month of LOVE has just started! Chocolate, candies, flowers, romance and heartfelt gestures tend to take center stage the first 14 days of the month.  But there is no greater love than the one you have for a child. This quick and simple DIY is a wonderful way to make sure they know how much you love them, AND what, or why, you love them!


(Photo From: Skip To My Lou)

 I don’t usually decorate for Valentines Day, but after seeing this adorable idea for a heart attack over at skip to my lou, I thought WOW, what a great way to wake each morning! Can someone send my husband a memo to get in on this lol!


I made these after my boys went to bed to make it a surprise when they woke up this morning. You simply fold the paper in half hot dog length (who doesn’t remember learning this in school lol), unfold, then fold the outer edges in to meet the middle crease, and fold over again. Cut out heart shapes on the folded edge and VOILA, you will get TWO identical hearts. I used red, white and blue construction paper because those are my boys favorite colors and surprisingly my craft stash didn’t include ANY pink or purple construction paper! I also decided to write the date on each heart as a kind of countdown to Valentine’s day. Then using double sided tape, I taped 14 hearts to each of my kids bedroom doors. I only have a picture of my 4-year-old cause he’s a picture lover, my seven-year-old, not so much in the mornings, but I know he appreciated his hearts none the less.


So every night before you go to bed write one thing you love about them so when the wake each morning they have a new heart to read (or in my 4-year-olds case…a new heart for mommy to read to him)! And don’t’ worry that it’s already February 1st, you can start this project any day by only cutting out how many hearts you need!


Talk about a confidence boost and a wonderful way to fill their love tank each morning during the month of LOVE! Just look at that SMILE!


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