Back To School Savings

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It is that time of year again and summer has been just flying past faster than ever. Back to School shopping has begun. Why not add some savings to your back to school shopping budget? I know I have been, thanks to the always no tax at my local exchange along with their frugal pricing, sales and clearance. As you know I seek out the best deals to maximize my family’s budget wherever I shop, whether it is for groceries, school supplies or clothes.

This year is no different, I am hunting for the best deals. puts quite a bit of sales and coupons online with easy access to seek out some of the things on my shopping lists, to include grocery shopping for school snacks and lunches, which are available at my local Defense Commissary Agency. This really helps me with my “battle plan” aka mapping out my plan and routes for back to school shopping. This gives me not just the benefit of saving me money, but also saving me time. In today’s constant go, go, go world any chance that you can salvage some time for other important task or even just to take a break and breathe is WONDERFUL!

I can look right on and find sizzling sales on things like facial wash for my teenager, or whatever I might need for my family and myself. It all right there in one place, making it so effortless for me to seek out the majority if not all the items I need to purchase for my family with the current sale pricing along with any coupons for things that are also on my shopping list. This is this Military Spouse’s dream come true! How about you?

Click here for Exchange Savings

Click here for Commissary Savings