Be Prepared for Cold and Flu Season

To be prepared is half the victory. – Miguel de Cervantes

Despite the fact that we have two Eagle Scouts in the family, I was recently caught unprepared for the “crud” that comes every winter. We had returned home to Baltimore on New Year’s Eve after a week of sunny weather in Tampa. The refrigerator was empty and so was our medicine cabinet. Since we lived 20 minutes from Fort Meade, my husband made a quick trip to the store to buy all the essentials I needed to combat the oncoming cold. He could not find everything on my list and what he could find was twice the price as the Commissary and Exchange! So our first lesson for the New Year was …. Be Prepared!

We can’t count on Punxsutawney Phil for an early spring. Thus we have stocked on “must haves” for the cold season from the commissary:

– Pineapple juice to combat tough coughs

– Soft tissues to comfort red noses

Tylenol Cold & Flu medicine

– Vitamin C drops to boost immune systems

– Herbal tea to warm the body as it heals

These items provide comfort to both the patient and the wallet.