Benning Club’s Lexington Room Buffet Open Monday-Friday

Did you know that you can enjoy a buffet meal any time of the week? The Benning Club offers lunch buffet weekdays from 11am-1:30pm. The Benning club, located in Building 128, 7010 Morrison Ave, has an assortment of items to tickle your taste buds.

Choose from salad, soups, side items, as well as drinks and desserts. Also, don’t forget the main course, and the good news is , it is less than $10. That’s right. No more drive thru, when you can eat healthy, and enjoy the food that the Benning Club has to offer. The Benning Club even offers specials Monday-Friday. Also, there is a chance to receive a free meal, that’s right. ¬†Every punch you receive, earns you a chance for a free meal, after the 9th punch, the 10th of is free. Who can beat free?

So, drive on over to the Fort Benning Club, and enjoy a nice sit down lunch with your co-workers, friends, or family!