Carnival on Main Post June 23rd

Fort Benning is hosting their annual Independence Celebration, along with a carnival! Guests can purchase tickets for rides (25 tickets for $25), or get a wristband for unlimited rides for $20.

The two-day event will be held on Gardner Field. It will include 20 rides for all age groups, and all run from 4pm-10pm June 23rd, and 3-11:30pm on June 24th. This carnival is coinciding  with the Independence Celebration, and although the Celebration is free, the carnival does require tickets.

All active duty members with ID can purchase wristbands for $15. Enjoy the day riding rides, and spending time with the family, and afterwards enjoy the fireworks to be shoot at dark. The atmosphere will be inviting for young and old, and offers a chance for patrons to get out and enjoy quality time and have fun! Advanced token/tickets can be purchased at the Fort penning MWR, and tokens can be redeemed for food, as well as other activities within the field.

Get out, enjoy the day, the rides, and the entertainment!