There is something special about the extended military family. A nuclear family is special in of itself, but when you have an extended family tree that grows roots like a dandelion because of the military, it becomes extra special. The bond that is formed becomes intertwined with memories, tokens, photos, vacations, moments that can never […]

Hospitality is something that my Grandmother Joyce taught me at an early age. It is innately driven into my soul. Being around the ever-changing military and certain situations that pop up out of nowhere, means changing your hospitality hat often. When another military family needs support or help during the bleak times, doing just that […]

Giving back to the military community is something that I have tried to instill in my children and myself since landing on a military base several years ago. Everyday there are members of the military whom put their lives on the line for us, so giving back helps ease their burdens. You can find some […]

Hey Y’all. I am going to talk about keeping a smile during the chaos of military life. People often ask me about smiling during the rough patches, during the rain. When my spouse doesn’t make it in time for a great dinner I have been planning for days. When he misses a pivotal moment in […]


“To Provide the Strength” “An all-volunteer team sustaining an all-volunteer Army. A mutually supporting relationship with families and communities enabled by a network of shared knowledge using leading edge technologies and premier recruiting practices”. That is the motto and job description you will find when you Google the name “USAREC” AKA the U.S. Army Recruiting […]