“To Provide the Strength” “An all-volunteer team sustaining an all-volunteer Army. A mutually supporting relationship with families and communities enabled by a network of shared knowledge using leading edge technologies and premier recruiting practices”. That is the motto and job description you will find when you Google the name “USAREC” AKA the U.S. Army Recruiting […]

PCSing?! TOP 5 Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make

Hey lovelies…Jess here with Ask the Military Spouse and boy do I have a good one for you today! So I’m sure you have been seeing a TON of question regarding “Permanent Change of Station” (AKA: PCSing) all over the Military Spouse Social Media sights you are apart of, am I right? I know I […]

Hey Thrifty Shoppers…guess what time it is! It’s TAX RETURN time!! As a military spouse and solider I’m associated with several Facebook Groups that are geared towards the Military and if it isn’t like clockwork…come Jan 21-24th the tax questions come flying. Who’s a tax professional? Do I have to pay state tax? What if […]

How To Enter: 1.) Follow us on Pinterest 2.) Create a Board called Holiday Party and fill it with your favorite Holiday decor, recipes, drinks,  gifts, games & More! {Anything Holiday related.} 3.) Repin the Pin It to Win It image on your Board. 4.) Share your board link in the blog comment section Ends 11:59 […]

Top 10 Tips For A Budget Friendly Housekeeping

Are you sick and tired of having to spend tons of money on buying all the different and specific cleaning products? And always paying extra for the more expensive ones, because you think they will clean better? Well, haven’t you had enough? Stop wasting your money on things that you do not need. We all […]

Ask The Military Spouse: Are You Keeping Your Pets?

So, it’s almost that time for the Sampson Family to PCS all the way across the world to Italy.  There is so, so much to do each day to help us get prepared for this big change, and I’m exhausted from trying to remember everything!  Although I am tired, extremely busy and unsure of what […]

New School After PCS…Her Story

                                                                  P.C.S, or Permanent Change of Station, happens more frequently to some rather than others.  In my case we have moved three times in […]

Rockin’ The Back To School Savings At Your Exchange!

I was definitely one of those kids who loved going to school.  I remember sitting in my room after getting all my school supplies and organizing everything.  I’d fill my binders with paper, write my name on everything with my cool new pens and markers, color coordinate all my stuff, pick out my new clothes […]

Giving Birth On Post Or Off Post??

Wondering whether you should deliver on Post or off Post?  Check out a piece of my experience now!  

Do You Like Living On Post?

    I recently got asked “Do you think you’re going to like living on post because of all the rules you have to follow?”  I said, “Any where you live, no matter where you are and whether you own your own house or not there are always rules you have to follow.”  Prior to this […]