Football Party & Tailgating Recipes By Kraft

Fantasy Football Fudge “Got game-day jitters because the football party is at your house? We’ve got your tailgating needs covered. Here’s what the home team wants: crowd-pleasing kabobs, chili, ribs, wings and sweet treats for sweet victories. Plan your strategy at the Football Party Center, and if you need help with the basics, we’ve got […]

DIY Rosette “Bows”

DIY Rosette “Bows” I recently learned how to make these Rosettes at one of our church groups, and let me just throw a disclaimer in here: THEY ARE ADDICTING! Be prepared to spend lots of time making them. Good thing they take very little time to make! I have seen these rosettes everywhere and have always […]

Big Game Prep from HEINZ

Everyone knows that stocking food items early for the Big Game can save time and headaches later. HEINZ makes it easy to put good finger foods away now, and at some fantastic prices!! Make sure you visit their website at and also visit the coupons page to make sure that you grab these awesome […]

Storyteller – Week 2

Jack and his ability to tell stories has ended him in a spot he never imagined. He is now an artist for the King, telling stories at his whim. Jack brings Loquasto, a midnight mynah bird, who by the way can talk, along with him. Loquasto things they should not remain in the city and […]

Flight of the Sparrow – Week 2

Mary is raised in a strict Puritan world. She submits to her husband in all things and never ventures farther from her house and yard without permission from her husband. When Mary is kidnapped from her home, she is horrified at the carnage going on around her. Family, friends and acquaintances are clubbed, shot, and […]

Kellogg’s My Favorite!!

I’m so excited right now! My FAVORITE cereal is on SALE and it is a HOT DEAL!! Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini Wheats, right now till January 31st, is on sale 2/$5…and there is a coupon available! That’s amazing I should just stock up for weeks.  Original, Blueberry, Strawberry, Maple Brown Sugar and Touch of Fruit Raisin […]