Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 2

Now that Harry is on his way to Hogwarts, he has a lot to learn. The entire magical world is a new place for him, and he is amazed by what he finds in Diagon Alley. There are so many new things surrounding him, things that were never thought possible. As Harry get his list […]

Gone With The Wind – Week 2

The Civil War is still raging, but the Southern mindset is still on victory. Ever so slowly though, the Yankee army is pushing the Confederate soldiers back, farther into their own territory. Scarlett, Melanie, and Aunt Pittypat are safe in Atlanta for the time being. But with the soldiers coming closer and closer each day, […]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 1

Harry Potter has not had the most happy of childhoods. He has been stuck in his cousins shadow from the very beginning. His aunt and uncle took him in after his parents died, but Harry was not treated as a true member of the family. From the beginning they pushed him to the side, favoring […]

Gone With The Wind – Week 1

Scarlett O’Hara is a very selfish young woman. Her father has built from scratch, the beautiful Tara Plantation. He won the deed to the plantation in a card game, and slowly built it to the prosperous plantation and wealthy standing Scarlett enjoys. Her world revolves around pretty dresses, parties, and flirting. Her intention is to […]

Indian in the Cupboard – Week 4

Patrick has told Mr. Johnson, the headmaster, about Little Bear and Boone. He even showed him!! Mr. Johnson thinks he is seeing things, so he has to go home and lay down. But Omri is furious! He is tired of Patrick playing with them like they are toys! They are real people!! Omri forces Patrick […]

Storm Front – Week 4

Harry Dresden is about to pull out all the stops. He is so close to the answer, but Monica is refusing to talk. She is scared, but exactly what she is afraid of, Dresden has yet to figure out. When she finally starts talking, the pieces start to fall into place. Her husband, missing Victor […]

Indian in the Cupboard – Week 3

Patrick has decided that Little Bear and Boone need to come to school the next day, and he has told Omri that if he does not bring them, that he will tell everyone about them. Omri knows it is not a good idea, but there is not much that he can do! So the next […]

Storm Front – Week 3

Harry has gotten himself even deeper in the mess that has taken control of Chicago. As he tries to find a way to save both himself and Susan, he has to bargain with Bob. By giving Bob his freedom for 24 hours, he will give Harry the potion that will get himself and Susan to […]

Indian in the Cupboard – Week 2

Well Omri has now brought another little figure to life. He needed someone to help with medical attention for Little Bear, as his leg was injured by his horse. So Omri grabbed a medic, and brought him to life through the cabinet! Ā Once he is back up and moving, Little Bear wants the materials to […]

Storm Front – Week 2

Harry Dresden has sure delved into a mystery of magical proportions. He is determined to solve the case, no matter the consequences. When Morgan shows up, he knows he has to tread carefully, but he has not actually broken any of the laws, at least not yet! While Harry deals with Morgan, he is mulling […]