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There are some things in life that you just can’t control and ONE of those things are WRINKLES! No matter what we do we are going to get a wrinkle or two as we get older. Lately, I have noticed laugh lines or crow’s feet and the wrinkles on my forehead that I feel like […]

STEP UP AND SAVE with up to $32.00 in coupons!

Everyone loves saving money! Coupons, price matching, whatever it takes, we all search for those little bits that we can use to keep more money in our wallets! With the start of school, and the beginning of fall approaching, its time to think about the restocking of the medicine cabinets. Whether its allergies or pain […]

Clean & Clear® Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask for just $3.57, Price effective 8/01/17 – 8/31/17 for a 5 oz. bottle, available at your local Defense Commissary Agency. Click Here for additional savings on products from Johnson & Johnson with I just LOVE Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask!  […]

Frito Lay has a HOT DEAL going on this month!  I can stock up with the great sale on Frito Lay’s brand chips for my kids school lunches and after school snacks as well as for mine and my husband’s work lunches!  I’m so excited for the less than three dollars pricing for all of my family’s […]

Kicking it with KELLOGG’S..

Hello MMS family!! School is back in session in most places…WOOHOO! Time for our kiddos to gain another year of knowledge, meet new friends, see their old friends and have a BLAST! In celebration of our kiddos headed back, our commissaries are helping us celebrate with some extra SAVINGS! The BACK TO SCHOOL SIDEWALK SALE […]

Gerber® Graduates® Fruit & Vegetable Pick-Ups

My daughter Amaiah is 15 months now and really growing up quick. She wants to be independent and is really on a roll with feeding herself. She wants to hold her own cup, eat snacks on her own, and more then anything, she loves to sit at the table with everyone and eat. She loves […]

Crank it up with this CÎROC surprise!

Hello MMS is a CELEBRATION but do not tell my kiddos. This CÎROC celebration is because my kiddos are headed back to school!! I will miss them eating all the food up in the house, making so many messes, bickering and just adding extra daily activities to my already over-booked schedule. So, my idea of […]

I’ll be the first to tell ya that I support our teachers in all that they do. I don’t mind sending in extra supplies ✏️ throughout the school year, donating treats 🍪, volunteering my time… anything I can do to help! BUT those back-to-school supply lists inevitably grow longer and longer each year, don’t they!? Again, […]

Unless your children are in year round schools or even home school depending on schedule, August means BACK – TO – SCHOOL! The lists are long and if you have more than one kiddo, plan on LOTS of lists! I usually have to sit and combine mine to make a master list, because there is […]

Save $6.00 at your local Exchange on a 1.75 liter bottle of Finlandia Vodka through August 31, 2017. This delicious grown up lemonade can be made in a snap! Not only does it taste decently scrumptious, but it takes no time at all to prepare it. If you have company drop in on you for an unexpected  and spur of […]