First day of summer was June 21st but that doesn’t mean we are completely out of the woods for pesky allergy symptoms! Just today I woke up with horrible itchy eyes and congestion. The pollen was incredibly thick! For those of you out there that suffer from allergies like I do, the commissary is my go-to […]

Win an autographed basketball from SHAQ!

When I was growing up, I wanted to be tall. Just tall enough to play decent basketball. I never made the height that I dreamed of, but I did get pretty decent in shooting hoops. However, as time moved on, I knew that I was never going to be able to cut it on the professional […]

If you are anything like me, I love love LOVE having friends and family over! Especially in the summer, we get the grill rollin, pull out the sprinklers or pool, tiki torches, some music and we  just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, we make it potluck style but others, I just invite friends over last […]

Breakfast Essentials with Carnation

Working and having my little ones can prove to be a challenge, especially when it comes to eating breakfast for myself. Often times I get the kids breakfast on the table and nothing more, which means I go start my day without the most important meal of the day. Not what you want going into […]

Whenever we have a chance, our family loves to relax on the couch together watching a movie, with delicious snacks and some ice cold Coca-Cola. So while looking for fun, new snacks, I came across a great popcorn recipe at for Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn! A delicious, caramel popcorn drizzled with peanut butter chocolate, […]

I just had a summer barbeque party at my house for all my friends.  We are all over the age of 35 years, so we met the required 21 years or older rule for the legal drinking age.  I wanted to serve food and drinks with a theme, so when I came across this drink recipe that fit […]

Summertime means late nights, beach days and poolside for many! Even in Alaska, we spend summer by the pool or ocean! It does get pretty hot up here in the summer and with little to no darkness in the summer, our nights are even longer. The warmth means shorts, skirts, dresses and bathing suits…..and travel! BIC […]

I have absolutely always loved to cook and bake.  I also like to find to recipes, even if they are a twist on some of my classic family ones.  My kids have always loved my homemade apple crisp.   I came across a recipe for apple crisp with a twist from Kellogg’s!  I saw it and thought, hmm […]

Gerber® Yogurt Blends

In this house, we are truly a yogurt loving family! We can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or even just a snack. Yogurt is my son, and husbands go to snack, as they eat it daily. So of course I knew once was my daughter was able to, she would instantly take to yogurt too. Well, I […]

Check out this HOT DEAL and jump on some SAVINGS with Johnson and Johnson baby oil!

Hello MMS readers….have you ever had a product that you could use for multiple things?! This type of products is THE BEST. I am here to refresh your memory about a product that you have probably used many times as a child and as an adult. AND if you have NEVER used this product, you […]