“I found weightlessness to be extremely pleasant.” – John Glenn   February 20, 1962 American Astronaut John Glenn blasted off into space and circled the earth three times!! He became an overnight hero for his incredible bravery. What many may not know, is that John Glenn was a U.S. Military Veteran before he was an […]

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This month’s Johnson and Johnson Navy Exchange product is the BEST! This HOT DEAL is truly a HOT DEAL! Bengay is here to give you the relief you want, even when your pain is the STRONGEST and unbearable. If you are having an ache or pain that you just can’t get rid of…this will solve […]

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We all want to be healthy right? Well BOOST® is here to give you recipes that are both healthy and delicious! This energizing oatmeal is made with instant oatmeal and BOOST® Vanilla Drink, how simple is that? What You Need 1 individual packet instant oatmeal (any flavor) 4 fl. oz. (1/2 bottle) BOOST® Vanilla Drink […]

Hot Deals from Listerine!

April is an amazing month! We are seeing some great blooms, and some refreshing rains which are washing away the winter gunk. But April has even more for you! Right now at your local commissary you can get Listerine for some amazing prices! Now that spring has sprung, we are spending more of our time […]