Sip on Smirnoff this SUMMER!

Summer is SLOWLY creeping up and my SUMMER time planning is in full swing. I know everyone DOESN’T like to party with adult beverages BUT for those that do, I am getting my red, white, and blue recipes for July 4th celebration ready. July 4th is a BIG celebration for my family stateside, but since […]

What is everyone’s guilty pleasure day time t.v. show? I know that while I was growing up there was slim pickings on t.v. if I was home sick, unless it was a judge show, daytime soaps……….. but I know I could always rely on the price is right!! I would still love to be a contestant […]

This Father’s day we wanted to keep things low cost but also tug on those heart strings to show dad how much we care! I pulled a bunch of ideas of Pinterest and other sites and my kids chose this project! They thought it would be funny and dad would love it! They were right…. […]

Save your skin, BLOCK those rays!

Hello MMS family, tis the times to use Neutrogena CoolDry Sport SUNSCREEN. Technically, SUNSCREEN needs to be used at all times BUT let me tell you why this sunscreen is the best of the best. I live in Okinawa and the humidity and the hotness are UNHEARD of. The humidity here in the summer makes […]

The four-time Emmy winner Dennis Franz — Detective Andy Sipowicz in NYPD Blue — enlisted in the U.S. Army after college! Dennis Franz, grew up in Illinois, the son of German immigrants Eleanor and Franz. He began acting as young as high school age when he participated in his high school’s version of “The Crucible.” Dennis Franz […]

I’ve got a skinny-minny kiddo that eats like an elephant but seems to burn double the amount of calories that she ingests every single day! It’s a constant chore to keep her fed and hydrated and to make sure she gets all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for her crazy active lifestyle. I’d love […]

Today we salute…. SEN. DANIEL K. INOUYE!!! First Japanese-American and only second recipient to receive both the Medal of Freedom and the Medal of Honor!! Daniel Inouye is also the first Japanese-American to serve in Congress! Inouye was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Sept. 7, 1924. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Hawaii, […]

With the change of seasons usually comes the wonderful allergies we all despise so much!  Why should you have to suffer?  Zyrtec is great for easing the symptoms of allergies so you can enjoy yourself on all those family and friends camp outs, BBQs and picnics.  Your budget doesn’t have to suffer either just like you. […]

Powerful Relief with Flonase® SENSIMIST

Allergy season is year round here in Texas, so fight it with the gentle, powerful mist of Flonase® SENSIMIST. The Patented MistPro™ Technology creates a fine, gentle mist that’s scent-free, and has virtually no drip. Check out how Flonase Sensimist works: Why should you pick SENSIMIST: 40% more powerful relief than a leading non-drowsy allergy pill* Virtually […]

May is one of my favorite months of the year! School getting out, summer vacation starting, and food!! As we plan our outdoor parties, we want to make sure we have the best food available! These super awesome kid friendly recipes are the best way to kick off summer! There is low cost and minimal […]