Check out these captivating cosmetics from Neutrogena…NOW!

Hello MMS family! Is the summer heat causing you some break-outs…WELL, check this out! Her is the most ASTONISHING Neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer! This concealer hides and treats your blemishes. It is an oil-free concealer for acne and diminishes the appearance of blemishes for clearer-looking skin. Most importantly, it is easy to apply and […]

It is that time of year again and summer has been just flying past faster than ever. Back to School shopping has begun. Why not add some savings to your back to school shopping budget? I know I have been, thanks to the always no tax at my local exchange along with their frugal pricing, […]

Keeping up with Shaq!

Did you Sink it like Shaq last month? Did you remember to e-mail your photos in? We tried, and pretty much failed miserably! Crazy how much you lose when you do not use it! I had not played basketball in years, but we had fun pretending to play anyway! My kiddos had a great time […]

Summer is already coming to an end! Well, summer break, that is. Are you one of the parents singing hallelujah!? Or will you be sad to send your little (or not so little) ones off to start the new school year? And if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of those two, like me… […]

Seriously, can ya’ll tell me what a lazy day looks like anymore!? My husband came home late last week and remarked that I “must have had a slow day, as I was still in my pjs.” I think I laughed, but at that point, I was ready to crawl back into bed and sleep! With […]

BOOST Glucose Control®

We all have busy schedules. I wake up early to get the kids ready, fed, and off to school and daycare on time, before taking myself to work. With all this going on, it rarely leaves time for me to do anything else, including eat. So getting a good breakfast with proper nutrition can often […]

We are huge sports fans in this house! Whenever there is a big game on, friends and family always come over so we can all cheer for our favorite sports teams. However, hosting also means providing the refreshments. And what better refreshments, while watching the big game, then a delicious plateful of nachos paired with […]

Get this HOT DEAL now! 6 benefits in 1

Hello MMS….Alcohol-free, less minty taste, proven to kill millions of germs that cause bad breath, gives you a healthier mouth and with up To 7x greater fluoride uptake than leading brands for strong teeth, here we have Listerine Total Care Zero. Have you ever brushed your teeth and your mouth still felt dirty? Or it […]

When you want to make a daiquiri that will appeal to all your friends, you may want to check out this drink recipe I came across from Brown-Foreman.  It was a smash with both mine and my husband’s friends!  It is so simple to make and it is also quite tasty as well as refreshing!  It made […]

I was looking for a way to liven up a banana, when I came across this fabulous recipe by Kellogg’s*.  I found that it was a simple and quick enough way to make a very tasty and still nutritious snack for kiddos.  Nothing makes kids happier than to have something yummy to eat for a snack and nothing pleases […]