Well, well… today is Arbor Day! Some people forget about it because there aren’t aisles of candy and cards put out in stores in celebration of it… but it’s still an important day nonetheless. Although yes, I do agree, chocolate trees for sale at the commissary would make me love it thaaat much more. You got […]

Moving every few years is hard. I could go on and on with a list of reasons, but when you’re a military family it eventually just becomes second nature. PCS season is very much a real thing. And with moving usually comes the purging and downsizing. Everyone tries to stay under their weight allowance, tossing […]

This is the quick story of Mama vs. Stubborn Child… and how our fantabulous, cupcake clock came to be! It all started with an argument with my almost-10-year-old. Her digital clock on her nightstand bit the dust so I told her I’d buy her one to hang on her wall but that it would be an analog clock- and […]

Before kids, my house had candles EVERYWHERE! We used them all the time. For quiet evenings watching tv. Stormy nights. For added ambiance with a homecooked meal. And sometimes just because. I LOVED them! But after having kids, not only did I just not have the time to enjoy them, but my kids took the […]

It’s no secret that most of us military families should be pretty adept at the whole picking-up-and-moving-our-families-across-the-country thing, right? In some cases, across the ocean!! It’s a bittersweet thing… we have to say goodbye to great friends as our career (or our spouse’s… or both!) takes us to places we may never have gone otherwise. […]

You know how I officially know spring is here? ALLERGIES that’s how! And with allergies come runny noses! Lots and lots and LOTS of runny noses! Before moving to the south, I always stocked up in the fall to get us through winter and the cold and flu season. But now I have to keep a […]


This royal DIY project is perfect for birthday parties, play dates, or princess dress up time! This is a 2 day DIY, so plan ahead and your beautiful princess will light up with smiles! 🙂 Fabric Stiffener Spools of the lace of your choice Acrylic paint, I went with gold and silver metallic Sponge paint […]

From Princess to Superhero!

I have two girls, ages 8 and 5 and a young boy who just turned 2. I have a TON of pink in my house, Pink and Princess. I bought one of those toddler tables, Disney® princess, for my littles but they aren’t so little anymore. My boy is into cars, trucks, trains, superheroes (specifically […]

Hand and Footprint Bird Crafts

I have been obsessed with my children’s hand and footprints ever since I laid my eyes on their initial identification prints taken at birth. There is something so remarkable about how teeny tiny those little fingers and toes are – well wait, what is remarkable is that they are so teeny tiny!! But as they grow […]