From Princess to Superhero!

I have two girls, ages 8 and 5 and a young boy who just turned 2. I have a TON of pink in my house, Pink and Princess. I bought one of those toddler tables, Disney® princess, for my littles but they aren’t so little anymore. My boy is into cars, trucks, trains, superheroes (specifically […]

Hand and Footprint Bird Crafts

I have been obsessed with my children’s hand and footprints ever since I laid my eyes on their initial identification prints taken at birth. There is something so remarkable about how teeny tiny those little fingers and toes are – well wait, what is remarkable is that they are so teeny tiny!! But as they grow […]

Ahhh Spring! I LOVE Springtime! And while Spring and Fall are both equally my favorite seasons, there is something special about spring. Warm days and cool nights are what the two have in common, but what Spring has that Fall doesn’t is that feeling of newness after the long, cold winters. I love the bright […]

Every Spring, when the flowers start peeking out, the birds are chirping before dawn and the sun stays out a little longer, and front porch sitting becomes my favorite past time, I feel the need to add a little Spring and Easter to my front porch…but what I don’t like…spending a lot of money to […]

Adorable DIY Diaper Cake Fit For A King Or Queen

Do you have  a friend, family member or coworker expecting a baby?? Baby shower around the corner? Do you have the gift picked out? Need an idea?? I have the perfect solution for a stand out gift! A DIAPER CAKE! Diaper cakes are a little time consuming, but trust me they turn out super cute and […]

Clever DIY Glass Magnets

I am a sucker for a good DIY project that can be personalized.  When I saw these easy-to-make magnets, I was instantly hooked. I was casually browsing my local craft store and happened upon some ADORB scrapbooking paper and it all just felt kinda meant to be! Ever have those moments? My husband thought I […]

I have two boys. Both in school. So you know what the means….paperwork galore! I mean every day they are each bringing home papers! And even though I get in paper overload every week, the one thing I look forward to every week is the ART! I mean, we have no lack of artwork in […]

DIY Easter Candy Jars!

Happy Easter!! I have a super cute teacher/neighbor/friend’s gift for you! Idea from “Happiness is Homemade” This gift is simple, inexpensive and delicious! Here is what you need: 2 Pint Mason Jars 2 paint colors (chalky) Paint Brush 2 types of ribbon Your favorite chocolate (excuse my little bunny for eating it off my photo […]

We officially have hit around the 8 month “until we PCS” mark!!!!  With that being said, we have started the “purge”. Oh yes, anyone who has ever moved knows exactly what I am talking about! While in our purge, I realized I had a ton of vinyl records I hadn’t touched. For those of you […]

Strings To My Heart

String art has grown more and more popular, from names, animals to random shapes! These works of art are time consuming, yes BUT they are super cute and will add a unique flair to your home! I have been wanting to try my hand at creating my own, so off to the craft store I went! […]