Some of y’all are dog 🐶 lovers, some of you may prefer guinea pigs or hamsters 🐹, and others may be satisfied with a few goldfish 🐠. Our family, however, is Team Cat 😻 all the way!! We have two fur babies, Bruno and Gus Gus, that we wouldn’t know what to do without. But I suppose every cat […]

I love finding things for my kids room. But I don’t always find exactly what I want. When you have kids that are very particular with what they are looking for, it can be really hard to find exactly what they want. When I say particular, I mean they want down to the exact minute […]

We recycle and all, but it’s a shame to see some of the neat containers that get discarded on a regular basis. Are your family members cereal lovers? Have you ever taken a minute to enjoy the bright colors and cool designs that most boxes feature? I know that sounds crazy, but really, take my […]

Rainbows and Unicorns Oh My!

Recently we threw my daughter a Rainbow’s and Unicorn’s 1st birthday party. I found so many amazingly cute ideas and things to try, that it was actually really difficult for me to pick certain ideas over the others. However, I was also on a budget, so I did my best to pick out things that […]

Who doesn’t like to upcycle their wardrobe FOR FREE? And even better, what if upgrading a simple item of clothing was incredibly easy and required absolutely no talent whatsoever? If you could take an old t-shirt and turn it into a new halter top without having to sew a single stitch… would you give it a […]

Hello my fellow crafters! I hope this week has been kind to you and that you are getting some project completion! I love seeing finished work in my hands! I was working on helping a friend plan a party for her son, and one of the things that we kept lacking was confetti for the […]

My daughter has always loved butterflies which I find pretty symbolic considering how she has gone through the most beautiful metamorphosis herself over the past four and a half years. She starts big girl school this year, she had her first drastic haircut a few months ago, she wants the training wheels taken off of her […]

DIY Place Mats!

Base housing is hard to decorate. Most of it is old, it’s cramped, and fitting all of your decor in can be a chore. After owning a home, and then deciding to live on post after this last PCS, I have struggled with making this space mine. The settling in period can take some time, […]

Want to make your own unique creation for little one? Try out this crocheted Easter Basket! It only took me about 2 hours to make the bigger one and an hour for the small one. What you need: Size K (6.50mm) Crochet Hook Medium (4) worsted weight (2 strands) Scissors Threading needle Directions:  Using 2 […]

April Showers bring May flowers right?! WRONG!!! Now, this April, with help from HERSHEY’S, you can have your very own flowers….with CHOCOLATE! These may be too cute to eat, but I am sure the kids will beg to differ!! So let’s have it MMS fans! Gather supplies and your kiddos and it’s time for some family […]