April Showers bring May flowers right?! WRONG!!! Now, this April, with help from HERSHEY’S, you can have your very own flowers….with CHOCOLATE! These may be too cute to eat, but I am sure the kids will beg to differ!! So let’s have it MMS fans! Gather supplies and your kiddos and it’s time for some family […]

I began keeping newspapers from every country I visited when my family was stationed in Vilseck, Germany. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but I knew I wanted a piece of the culture, a piece of history, and a sample of their language to remember my time there. I had accumulated […]

This warmer weather brings lots of fun in the sun! The kids are itchin’ to play outside… farmer’s tans are beginning and wind-whipped chapped lips are starting to appear. Riding bikes, scooters and roller skating is exhausting though and I often have a handful of neighborhood kids resting inside my house any given weekend afternoon. […]

Creating your own car seat cover is much simpler then you think. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you would like. You can change the colors to match any theme or gender preferences. The car seat cover is convenient to keep your newborn covered and cozy. For this car seat cover I […]

Spring has officially begun as of March 20! Here in Georgia I’ve got my flowers planted, my bird feeders are full, and we spend our afternoons outside in the warm southern sunshine. I’ve never been happier to see winter go! My jackets and boots are put away, I’ve got all of my spring decor out, and […]

We are in the middle of a PCS move so all of our household goods are currently in transit and I am living out of my mother’s spare bedroom – true story. My family was previously stationed in New York but my prayers were answered and my husband was recently assigned back to Ft. Stewart, […]

No matter what time of year, sweet babies use blankets and they are some of the simplest DIY crochet items you can make! This blanket is no exception when it comes to simple. What you need: Size P Crochet Hook (11.5mm) Medium (4) yarn of your choice; I used 4 different colors Scissors How I […]

DIY Burb Rag

We all want those super cute, one of a kind baby items that NO ONE else has! Well, now you can, at a fraction of the cost! These were really easy to do, and you can make several of them! You can make them all the same, or all different, its totally up to you! […]

My whole house is decked out with paintings and photographs of trees – both my husband and I love the woodsy feel to it and I think seeing the beauty of nature all throughout my home helps me to relax as well. Call me cooky but yeah, I’m a tree hugger. Like, literally. I love […]

We are building a home and it should be ready soon. I wanted to share a project that started for our house in order to save us some money! I purchased this amazing pattern that forms a soft, plushy rug. They call it a Dahlia Rug because it resembles a flower. You can honestly make […]