It’s been birthday party CENTRAL around here and we have accumulated so much junk from all of the goody bags, it is insane.  I’ve been on both ends of the goody bag game – the receiving end, and then I’ve also been the parent putting them together trying to determine what knickknacks would be appropriate […]

Summer break tends to bring out the creativeness in all of us, doesn’t it? Trying to keep these kids busy for two solid months can be quite the challenge… and I don’t mean necessarily entertaining them all the while, but providing the resources to let their imaginations soar. I recently read an article (find it […]

We recycle and all, but it’s a shame to see some of the neat containers that get discarded on a regular basis. Are your family members cereal lovers? Have you ever taken a minute to enjoy the bright colors and cool designs that most boxes feature? I know that sounds crazy, but really, take my […]

My four year old has become quite the outdoors adventurer lately. I am always encouraging my children to spend as much time as they can outside but it seems like they have just recently started to get it. To understand how great fresh air and afternoon walks are. To realize how indispensable the sunshine and […]

In this military lifestyle we are constantly moving around, blooming wherever we are planted. Many a times we have to make new houses our homes and adding our personal touches is what makes a cold, unfamiliar building become a warm and inviting space for our families. With our most recent PCS about a month ago, […]

Hello my fellow crafters! I hope this week has been kind to you and that you are getting some project completion! I love seeing finished work in my hands! I was working on helping a friend plan a party for her son, and one of the things that we kept lacking was confetti for the […]

I enjoy travel-sized games that can be tossed in the car and taken to a friend’s house. Easy carry, easy clean up! I found a handful of them at our local dollar store and realized that they are perfect for backyard shenanigans, too. We carry them outside for picnics, playtime in the sun, and play dates […]

I try to make the holidays as fun and magical for my kiddos as I can so I tend to go all out in terms of decorations. I won’t lie, my Christmas tree goes up the day after Halloween, I have flashing red lights for the windows for Valentine’s, I have leprechaun seat covers for […]

This warmer weather brings lots of fun in the sun! The kids are itchin’ to play outside… farmer’s tans are beginning and wind-whipped chapped lips are starting to appear. Riding bikes, scooters and roller skating is exhausting though and I often have a handful of neighborhood kids resting inside my house any given weekend afternoon. […]

Spring has officially begun as of March 20! Here in Georgia I’ve got my flowers planted, my bird feeders are full, and we spend our afternoons outside in the warm southern sunshine. I’ve never been happier to see winter go! My jackets and boots are put away, I’ve got all of my spring decor out, and […]