I love the look of using newspaper in projects. In fact, I keep newspapers from different countries that we visit and glue them to canvas and paint on top of them… it creates modern mementos that I can hang and enjoy. For us military families, this would also be a great idea to do with […]

My four year old was “sharing” a bottle of water with me (and by sharing I mean she took it from me, began drinking it, and wouldn’t give it back) when she said, “This bottle could be used for a face!” (Translated: vase.) I replied that yes, I suppose you could stick a flower with […]

If you’ve been following my crafts for the past year, you know that I love love LOVE little hand prints! My girls are older now so they don’t send home cutesie hand print stuff from school anymore so it’s my duty to document such things at home! I saw a photo of this craft and immediately […]

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular card-sending holiday? Christmas being the first. There are approximately 151 million Valentine’s cards exchanged per year, according to CNN. Just a little piece of random information for ya… we learn something new every day, huh? Because it’s a celebration of love, my kids like to […]

My mama taught me that you always write a thank-you letter when someone gives you a gift, particularly if it is someone that you do not see very often. This wasn’t my favorite task as a child as I’d rather be playing with my new toys than practicing penmanship but I grew to enjoy it […]

My snowman-making skills are pretty minimal… I can’t even deny it. We have a few inches of snow on the ground now and my girls wanted to build snowmen sooooo badly. An hour later, everyone is mad at Mom because the snow won’t hold together and I won’t sacrifice any scarves to decorate with. After […]

We are experiencing an unusually mild winter here in Western New York! ❄️ In mid-November of 2014 my town (Hamburg, about 20 minutes from Buffalo, NY) was hit with around 7 feet of snow in FOUR days… in what some call a freak occurrence. I call it lake effect snow, and it stinks. But so far […]

The holidays can get quite expensive, am I right or am I right? You probably just prepared a month’s worth of groceries for a Thanksgiving feast and then who can resist those Black Friday deals and now it’s time to start checking off the kiddo’s Christmas wish-list… Oh, and Susie Q at work wants to […]

Although the weather is definitely getting colder, winter doesn’t “officially” start until December 21. What does that mean for me?? There’s a little time left to celebrate and enjoy autumn before everything is snowflakes this and scarves that!! Thanksgiving is under our belt now so the pumpkins are heading to the curb and the cornucopia is put […]

Veterans Day is something we always celebrate in our house because we have so many family members near and dear to our hearts that have served, both in times of war and in peace. I guess a strong love for your country and the will to defend it runs thick in a bloodline, huh? I […]