The 2017-2018 school year has just begun here around Ft. Stewart, Georgia! It was a bumpy start but our mornings are becoming more and more organized… we aren’t early risers in this family so besides the first 15 minute fight with trying to wake everyone up, I’d say we are making our way towards successful […]

Tis the season!! The stores are overflowing with pencils, crayons, and glue sticks. The kids are antsy – not quite ready for the structure of a classroom and new responsibilities but suffering from slight boredom due to too much freedom. Or is that just my kiddos?? 🙂 Here in Georgia, the new school year is […]

The boys and I are back with another super fun craft! Last week, we painted with squirt guns here! This week we painted with bubbles! It was fun. And messy. HA! It’s been raining all week, as per usual, here in the south so we’ve been stuck indoors just waiting on a chance to try […]

DIY Hard to Find Decorations

When Zion’s 4th birthday started to closer we figured he was old enough now for him to decide on his own what theme he wanted. Well, we were’t surprised when he picked Plants vs Zombies. Now some of you are probably wondering, “um, what is that?” To answer, it is a game that can be […]

It’s been birthday party CENTRAL around here and we have accumulated so much junk from all of the goody bags, it is insane.  I’ve been on both ends of the goody bag game – the receiving end, and then I’ve also been the parent putting them together trying to determine what knickknacks would be appropriate […]

Summer break tends to bring out the creativeness in all of us, doesn’t it? Trying to keep these kids busy for two solid months can be quite the challenge… and I don’t mean necessarily entertaining them all the while, but providing the resources to let their imaginations soar. I recently read an article (find it […]

In this military lifestyle we are constantly moving around, blooming wherever we are planted. Many a times we have to make new houses our homes and adding our personal touches is what makes a cold, unfamiliar building become a warm and inviting space for our families. With our most recent PCS about a month ago, […]