It’s been two weeks since we returned from the beach and I still miss it daily. One of the things we do every time we go to the beach is pick up sea shells. If I was more organized I’d have jars labeled with where each were picked. I’m not, so I have random bags […]

Have you gotten dad a gift yet? We just got back from vacation so we are grabbing a few last minute things. One of his gifts will be this Circle of Photos for Dad. A few months ago I realized that I had not printed any photos in almost a year. When our oldest son […]

HERSHEY Firework Candy’s

So I was looking around for a HERSHEY idea and stumbled upon this Blast Off Rocket that was labeled as a Valentines Day card. For this time of year, it looks more like a firework. I thought, what a cute candy craft for kids. A Valentine’s Day card 4th of July candy craft made in the […]