Share this…This Fun Foodie Friday I’m sharing with you a favorite soup of mine! It’s technically a paleo recipe a friend shared with me a few years ago, and I’ve seen a few versions of it floating around Pinterest, but this is MY version after years of tweaks! I love that it’s simple and no crazy […]

Share this…Everyone is always looking for easy dinner ideas. Especially with today’s constant feeling of go go go. I know with kids, and sports, etc I appreciate easy dinners way more than I used to! But sometimes easy doesn’t always equal healthy. But with this one pan chicken meal you can prep it, pop it […]

Share this…The last week has been cold, raining, windy, cold, stormy, and did I saw cold? And we are also expecting snow this weekend! There is something about when the weather is extra cold or wet, it always seems to be more bearable with comfort food in hand.  Thankfully my crock pot is the master of […]

Share this… One of my favorite holiday traditions is giving friends, family and neighbors holiday baked goods. And since I love it so much I always end up making enough to keep some small tins on hand to give to the postman and ups delivery drivers, especially since they seem to frequent my house almost […]

Share this…Between holiday parties, generous neighbors and baking our own family favorites, sometimes my sweet tooth needs a break. That’s where savory breads come into play. They help break up the sugar overload and instead create a perfect sweet and savory balance. This particular loaf is always a crowd favorite and disappears quickly. Served alongside […]

Creole BBQ Packets

Share this… The Stacey’s are leaving North Carolina shortly and I am finding food in my freezer that needs to be eaten. I found sausage, clams, and shrimp and my daughter decided she wanted soup. We decided to make BBQ packets instead. Soup would have been good, if not for the 100* weather happening. BBQing […]

California Weaved BLT’s

Share this… Our family loves Friday night meal time. We love fun, fast, flavorful meals that have a crunch. It is perfectly ripe avocado season and the tomatoes are growing like wildfires on the vine, so this meal almost made itself. Thanks to my friend Jewel, the bacon is weaved so every bite gets bacon. […]

Chicken Pot Pie with Heart!~

Share this… I love the weather right now. The East Coast is feeling a bit like Northern California, slightly chilly and drizzly. I had planned to make chicken pot pie, an easy family favorite to help fend off the cold. Then someone close to me had a sick family member. What a great way to show […]

Share this…People, people everywhere! I gather you all here to tell you a love story for this Fun Foodie Friday. It is a love story that started with my boys complaining about the last bit of “the good cereal”, you know the kind, the one with the little marshmallows, and ended with what became true love. […]