It is warming up Y’all! Time to bust out the BBQ and make these simple and mouthwatering burgers! My husband loves a good burger and these hit the spot in a pinch. The flavors of everything match up and the mushrooms are just perfection. Enjoy! Ingredients Needed: 2 Pounds Ground Hamburger 1/2 Cup Ranch Seasonings 2 […]

Macaroni and cheese is one of those down home staples that should be passed on from generation from generation. I make it at least once a month for our family.  It is a guilty pleasure that I have started sharing with my peers and now it has been requested at every BBQ and potluck! What […]

People, people everywhere! I gather you all here to tell you a love story for this Fun Foodie Friday. It is a love story that started with my boys complaining about the last bit of “the good cereal”, you know the kind, the one with the little marshmallows, and ended with what became true love. You […]

Look, I’ve been known to be a little sweet and spicy myself, okay, and if I may just say… I think those two characteristics compliment each other quite well! HAH! (I’m laughing and my husband is standing here, arms crossed, shaking his head. I get it. It’s hard to handle this much awesomeness.) But seriously, […]

Hey Y’all! We are trying to eat healthier as a family so my kids and I came up with a crazy delicious new recipe. Instead of having rice with creamy chicken, we went for zucchini boats. It was a huge success and there were no leftovers, which is fantastic! You can get your kids in […]

You know what’s one thing we ALL have? Leftovers. Pesky leftovers. We’ve all got’em…and we all loathe them, and nobody wants them! But let me tell you, the best feeling in the world is when your life seems to align, the skies open and by golly, you manage to use EVERY.SINGLE.LEFTOVER. EVERY.SINGLE.LEFTOVER. PEOPLE.EVERY.SINGLE.ONE… At least, […]

Sweet and creamy. Those are 2 components that I have found most of my favorite recipes have in common! When it comes to an enchilada, that may not sound like the best combination but you have GOT to take my word on this… THESE are the best enchiladas I have ever tasted. My husband agrees. […]

  Fun Foodie Friday has helped our family get out of the boring rut of frozen pizza and leftovers. My children get excited helping me find new recipes to blend together for fun fresh ideas. This week my ten year old son came up with Salsa and my daughter wanted stuffed chicken. So easy and […]

Twist of Italian Fare Fun Foodie Friday Couples Night

We all know that getting out for a date is not the easiest task with military obligations calling. So when we have a free evening my husband and I love a good meal in. This meal came about utilizing what we had in the house. It is fun and easy to make, plus the laughter that […]

Tender Beef Stroganoff

Y’all have a reason to cook dinner, right? It may be a desire to love cooking dinner. Some just need to feed screaming kids, husband, family members, etc. If you are like me, you may find inspiration from others, and get great joy from those memories. My step-sister made this for her family years ago and I adapted it […]