We all know them. They are everywhere we go. Heck, we even love most of them and are related to them. We live with some of them, we work with some of them, we are friends with some of them, we are even raising some of them….and they are soooooo hard to please! That’s right! I’m talking about the […]

Cheese. Bacon.Biscuits. These three things just go together folks. Like peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Coffee and donuts. Gravy and mashed potatoes. Milk and cookies. Burgers and Fries….I keep going on but I think you catch my drift. Soft, flaky biscuits are topped with melted, creamy, tantalizing cheese and finished off with flavorful, salty, […]

When I was a kid, my grandma used to make me this amazing dish for breakfast that she called a ” birds nest”…it was a combination of crispy fried golden toast with a perfectly cooked egg over easy in the middle (the runny yolk is the best part combined with crispy toast for soaking it […]

BBQ SAUCE . BACON. CHEESE. CHICKEN…. These are the ingredients of life… Or at least a foodies life lol  cause we all know bacon makes everything better! As does cheese. And BBQ Sauce. And chicken! And chicken breasts just happen to be the best meaty vessel to handle this kind of flavor explosion! These are […]

The Internet is a funny thing… One second you’re watching funny dog videos and the next you’re looking at camping recipes and boiled omelets! YES…BOILED OMELETS! Sounds crazy doesn’t it! This particle recipe/idea, is one that I came across last year. Sadly, it was AFTER we had already gone on our yearly family camping trip. […]

Everyone has their own favorite hot weather drink! My favorite hot weather drink is lemonade! Sadly, yes, I live in the south and am not a huge fan of sweet tea. I blame it on my Oregon raising lol Now, I do like it occasionally. But there is just something about a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day! […]

For this weeks FUN FOODIE FRIDAY, I have a riddle for y’all… Spaghetti and hot dogs…. Anyone wanna venture to guess what these two items have in common? Anyone??? Well, NOTHING actually! Hahahahaha… But surprisingly HOT DOG BUNS make excellent garlic toast and a fun and unique vessel for holding spaghetti. Who would have thunk..spaghetti […]

  This recipe is brand new! My daughter and I were walking in the commissary this week and started looking and the bright vegetables. With the impending PCS I do not want to buy anything for the pantry, but rather use most things up. This recipe came together that way! Taking a brightly colored onion […]

The Stacey’s are leaving North Carolina shortly and I am finding food in my freezer that needs to be eaten. I found sausage, clams, and shrimp and my daughter decided she wanted soup. We decided to make BBQ packets instead. Soup would have been good, if not for the 100* weather happening. BBQing means that […]

Our family loves Friday night meal time. We love fun, fast, flavorful meals that have a crunch. It is perfectly ripe avocado season and the tomatoes are growing like wildfires on the vine, so this meal almost made itself. Thanks to my friend Jewel, the bacon is weaved so every bite gets bacon. There is […]