Tis the season for yummy comfort food and desserts galore! Between cool fall nights, holiday parties, family dinners, thanksgiving, and also Christmas coming up soon, we are always making some sort of dessert for us to enjoy or to take for others to enjoy. This cobbler is something that when I make it, it always gets […]

I love lazy days! Like legit LOVE them. Netflix. Coffee. Bumming around the house doing whatever I want…aka not the things I should be doing! Sometimes I end up binge watching an entire season of a new show, sometimes I craft, and sometimes I get in the kitchen and get creative. Today was the latter. My […]

Apple pie muffins with cream cheese frosting. My boys love muffins! So I’m always trying to mix it up and make muffins other than just blueberry and banana. So using the bounty of each season as inspiration is great for this. So far this fall I’ve made pumpkin pie muffins, pumpkin banana, and spice cake […]

Fall has finally started to show its toes here in North Carolina. The chilly evenings and even some downright freezing COLD nights are the perfect reason to toss together this yummy, hot apple dessert. Paired with some vanilla ice cream and it’ll be a family favorite. And the best thing about it is how easy it is! […]

This year I’ve noticed that the apple crop seems to overly abundant! Every farm and farmers market we go to is overflowing with apples of every kind! Sweet ones, crispy one, tart ones and juicy ones! And my kids are apple enthusiasts, so they are always wanting to try a different kind! They are especially intrigued […]

When you’re home bound due to a pending hurricane coming your way, you gotta find things to pass the time. So I pulled out my cookbook, the one where I keep printed recipes from the internet and ones torn from magazines. I finally settled and decided it was time to try this recipe for homemade […]

October is definitely my favorite month, and when October comes, that means pumpkin everything! From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin creamer, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin waffles, you can’t escape pumpkin!  And the one thing I always look forward to is my pumpkin pie muffins! These bad boys are sinfully delicious, from the moist […]

Sometimes you just need a quick dinner to keep from running to another drive thru! These griddle burgers are not only perfect for busy school nights, they satisfy a burger craving and you won’t be spending all night in the kitchen!  No grill no problem! These bad boys are made right in the kitchen on […]

We all know them. They are everywhere we go. Heck, we even love most of them and are related to them. We live with some of them, we work with some of them, we are friends with some of them, we are even raising some of them….and they are soooooo hard to please! That’s right! I’m talking about the […]

Cheese. Bacon.Biscuits. These three things just go together folks. Like peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Coffee and donuts. Gravy and mashed potatoes. Milk and cookies. Burgers and Fries….I keep going on but I think you catch my drift. Soft, flaky biscuits are topped with melted, creamy, tantalizing cheese and finished off with flavorful, salty, […]