Our family loves Friday night meal time. We love fun, fast, flavorful meals that have a crunch. It is perfectly ripe avocado season and the tomatoes are growing like wildfires on the vine, so this meal almost made itself. Thanks to my friend Jewel, the bacon is weaved so every bite gets bacon. There is […]

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you ran around like a chicken with your head cut off? Yeah, me too! This week was one of those! I got to do amazingly fun things, but stopping at the commissary was not high on that list. Low and behold, I had a few staples […]

My dear friend Jennifer has left for paradise. So I decided to make her family my own version of mochiko chicken. I of course call it mochi chicken. I add a cup of special juice to give it that McGillicuddy flair. Let this marinate for at least six hours, I prefer overnight! Mochiko flour can […]

A while back Y’all may have remembered me mentioning that I do not care for spaghetti. I do not. That remains true. But a good Bolognese with a twist of course sticks to my ribs and makes me happy. The added bonus for me is when my spouses job keeps him at work for an extra […]

My family and I discovered a new fun recipe this week. Using ingredients we all ready had in the house and enjoy. The added benefit is they are baked and not fried, making them healthier yet still crunchy and tasty! Bonus, you get to smash the chicken breast! Who doesn’t love hulk smash!?! You can […]

Easy Stuffed Shells

Wow!~ It was another long week Y’all. Do you ever feel that way? Well this Fun Foodie Friday meal will take some pressure off! In our house when we make to much spaghetti sauce, I freeze it because (SHOCKER) I do not like spaghetti night. This week I was able to make a double batch […]

I love the weather right now. The East Coast is feeling a bit like Northern California, slightly chilly and drizzly. I had planned to make chicken pot pie, an easy family favorite to help fend off the cold. Then someone close to me had a sick family member. What a great way to show hospitality then […]

It is warming up Y’all! Time to bust out the BBQ and make these simple and mouthwatering burgers! My husband loves a good burger and these hit the spot in a pinch. The flavors of everything match up and the mushrooms are just perfection. Enjoy! Ingredients Needed: 2 Pounds Ground Hamburger 1/2 Cup Ranch Seasonings 2 […]

Macaroni and cheese is one of those down home staples that should be passed on from generation from generation. I make it at least once a month for our family.  It is a guilty pleasure that I have started sharing with my peers and now it has been requested at every BBQ and potluck! What […]

People, people everywhere! I gather you all here to tell you a love story for this Fun Foodie Friday. It is a love story that started with my boys complaining about the last bit of “the good cereal”, you know the kind, the one with the little marshmallows, and ended with what became true love. You […]