Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this HOTNESS!

Hello MMS family…it is PARTY time! Time to get our CINCO de MAYO on…Cinco de Mayo is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces. So, for some Cinco de Mayo fun…we can stuff our faces with some AMAZING Mexican foods and pair it up with this HABANERO MARGARITA! This is HOT […]

Just a little something for you…CHEERS!

Hey Hey MMS family…. Today I walked in the commissary and there was a HUGE display of avocados, tomatoes, onions and taco condiment, that tells me that Cinco de Mayo is approaching. Last week, I shared a margarita so that you can pair with any celebration, maybe Cinco de Mayo. Today I am sharing with […]

Summer cocktails on DECK!

As summer sneaks up, we are sharing some refreshing summer drinks. Our minds wander off to sand between our toes, cocktails, and sun shining in our faces. I CAN’T WAIT! I am excited to see what are SUMMER traveling will exist of this year… Here is an all-time favorite, a Kentucky’s signature drink, a mint […]

A margarita for ANY occasion..

Happy Hour is two words that perfectly pair together… These hours are meant to be happy…alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and cocktails are served along with lots of socializing. Today in my Happy Hour Café we are serving up a cocktail that you will love! We are doing some early preparation for Cinco De […]

Have a Woodford Reserve Moonbow on me!

When the moonlight hits the mist of a waterfall just right is creates a rainbow effect, this is called a moonbow or a lunar rainbow. Under a full moon and a clear sky, you can see one yourself at Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY. Actually, it’s the only moonbow in the western hemisphere. Woodford Reserve […]

Coming soon to your LOCAL EXCHANGE!

Hey MMS family! It is HAPPY HOUR somewhere….CHEERS! Summer always brings great things, warm weather, BBQ’s, sand between your toes, vacation and CÎROC LIMITED EDITION SUMMER COLADA! Not here now BUT it will be here VERY SOON at your LOCAL EXCHANGE. Presenting CÎROC Summer Colada, a pineapple-coconut partnership that can’t be denied. Limited-time only, CÎROC […]

Chocolate and HAPPY HOUR perfect combo!

Hello MMS family..hope everyone is doing well. We are SPRING BREAKING it up over here in Okinawa and I thought BREAK meant BREAK. HA! I was fooled. This Spring Break was filled with practices, sleepovers, illnesses and little rest. Usually, we try to travel but there were too many things that were holding us back […]

Satisfy your taste buds with this…

Hello MMS! The weekend is here and it is also the HAPPIEST HOUR of them all! When I pass along drink recipes, I am hoping that you are sharing and enjoying these. This weekend, I need you to JUMP on these savings and have a drink that will get your mind to drift to hotter […]

It is a GIRLS night….

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD A LADIES’ NIGHT? CÎROC Red Berry is here to deliver the night you have been waiting for! Tonight, I am HAVING a LADIES’ NIGHT and we ALL mentioned that this night is LONG OVERDUE!! I have my adult beverages ready to GO!! I am sharing one of my […]

Something different for my HAPPY HOUR!

Hello MMS family..it is about that time! HAPPY HOUR TIME! The weekend is approaching and SO IS SPRING BREAK! Well, one more week and SPRING BREAK will be in FULL SWING. Hopefully, sandy beaches and sunny days are on my AGENDA every day. No school for kiddos and NO WORK for MOMMY and maybe DADDY! […]