Clean & Clear® Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask for just $3.57, Price effective 8/01/17 – 8/31/17 for a 5 oz. bottle, available at your local Defense Commissary Agency. Click Here for additional savings on products from Johnson & Johnson with I just LOVE Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask!  […]

It was about 15 years ago or so, that I went to Basic Combat Training (BCT).  Right before I left, my husband bought me running shoes that were one of the items on the list of things I would need to have purchased before leaving for BCT that  my United States Army Recruiter had given me.  Those […]

I was looking for a way to liven up a banana, when I came across this fabulous recipe by Kellogg’s*.  I found that it was a simple and quick enough way to make a very tasty and still nutritious snack for kiddos.  Nothing makes kids happier than to have something yummy to eat for a snack and nothing pleases […]

Camping is part of the fun of summer!  Being outdoors means dealing with bugs and such, so you may find yourself getting itchy.  Whenever we go camping I always stock up on the necessities and one of those is Benadryl Itch Cooling Spray.  It is so helpful with the kiddos too, not just for myself.  […]

Part of summer is the burgers!  My husband and our boys love eating burgers all year around.  Not only does this recipe come in time for summer, but you can cook these in your oven all year around no matter what the weather is like outside!  They are super easy to make and so mouth watering […]

The dog days of summer have arrived!  In order to keep the kids from driving me as I say “Bat-Crap Crazy”, I take them to the pool and water parks.  This way they stay cool and active… also so mama can keep her sanity! I don’t like my babies being sunburned and I’m quite sure […]

Having healthy foods, let alone healthy snacks AND kids are one of those things that can be hard to mesh. Kids are picky, and husbands can be especially picky!!! And when there are so many quick and easy prepackaged snack foods out there tempting you everywhere you go, it can be hard. And after months […]

Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month

September is quickly approaching and we get to celebrate Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month! You are probably wondering, um what exactly does this mean? Well I’m here to tell you and help you get involved! Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month, focuses on eating more fruits and vegetables. This means educate yourself, your kids, […]

WEEK 14 DAY 91 This past week was my last week with the ninety day challenge. I am sad to say goodbye to checking in weekly with all of you and the time seems to have past so quickly this summer.  I reflect back on how I started this challenge and I think about all […]

Week 13 Day 84 It is hard to believe that I am down to my last 6 days of this 90 day challenge.  I will be continuing my journey beyond the 90 days; however, I won’t be checking in with everyone once a week after next week.  I hope that those of you whom are challenging […]