Week 12 Day 77 I have not been on my “A” game the last several weeks.  I have had so much happen all at once.  I had an illness in the family that resulted in a death in the family.  My cousin was diagnosed with cancer in his liver within three weeks of that diagnoses they […]

Week 11 Day 70 This past week I have finally found my pace when training, thanks to the assistance of my coach, Rico.  I figured out that as my strength and endurance grows, so will my pace. I am preparing to have a visit with my family.  My sister, Salina, who is the reason I […]

Are you trying to eat healthy? Well here is a light, refreshing, and healthy pasta (yes pasta) dish that will be right up your alley! It only takes a few simple ingredients and about 30min of cooking time! Try it today, I promise you are going to love it! P.S. you can add more to […]

Week 10 Day 63 I have always tried to eat healthy.  My husband jokingly says I’m a bunny because I love to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Salads have always been a favorite thing of mine to eat.  I have all sorts of various recipes of my own design that revolve around salads.  […]

Week 9 Day 56 Last week I started back to my Muay Thai and Kickboxing classes with Coach Rico at RS MMA & Fitness.  I had Muay Thai Fundamentals class on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Muay Thai class on Thursday evening after the Muay Thai Fundamentals class.  This past Wednesday afternoon the 20th, I had an hour and half […]

Week 8 Day 49 I spent all day Thursday and Friday into Saturday morning driving back to Kansas from Oregon.  We ended up driving it straight through.  It was suppose to be a 24 hour drive; however, with stops for gas and restroom breaks along with all the traffic and construction along the route, it […]

Week 7 Day 42 So I have been traveling and found it is very difficult to stay focused on working out and making the best healthiest food choices.  It is especially difficult for me to do so when I am feeling stressed out and when I have an “episode” due to my PTSD.  I had […]

Week 6 Day 35 Just this past Thursday night I started on a road trip, but not before I went to one more Cardio Kickboxing class.  I was pushing myself and my coach, Rico, was really good about encouraging me and at times pushing me when he would see me struggling.  I pushed myself to […]

I will be the first one to say that eating healthy is a lifestyle change and honestly it’s harder then most people think. However, meal prepping and keeping successful recipes in a binder can help on those days when bad food is calling your name. There are lots of vegetables that you can use in […]

Week 5 Day 28 This has been a difficult week for me.  I got sick over the weekend and my stomach was not feeling so well.  It was like it was doing turns and flips.  I had to take a break over the weekend and rest.  I know I needed it, but now I am […]