National Nutrition Month

We all (or most), at some point, do our best to eat healthy. Even though it doesn’t seem like the easiest task, it really can be beneficial to your current and future health! With that being said, March is National Nutrition Month! This month puts a spotlight on the importance of the role of healthful eating and […]

Healthy After School Snacks

When your little ones are at school all day, most look forward to coming home and getting a yummy after school snack! Keeping the snacks creative, healthy, and fun to eat is easier then you probably think. Here are some great ideas for delicious after school snacks that your kids are sure to love! Homemade […]


Hey lovelies….how’s everyone doing? Have you been setting small goals to accomplish? Have any goals you’ve accomplished and would like to share? I personally have had a rough couple weeks. Between work, my kiddo’s dance classes, and finding the motivation to get in the gym, I feel like my days are flying by and I’m […]

Hey fitness lovers! How did everyone’s 30 day challenges go?! Are we seeing results?! I’m honestly thinking I enjoyed my 30 day of challenges so much that I will be doing them again…so I challenge you to do them with me! This time though…take pictures! Progress photos are an essential part of reaching your goals, […]

SMILE!!! If you don’t want your kid to suffer from such conditions that may affect both their health and self-confidence, it is best to start the habit of cleaning the teeth and mouth as early as possible. The American Dental Association is proud to sponsor this month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, […]

Easy Meal Prep Tips and Tricks

So recently my husband came to me and said he needed to lose some weight. Although I am pregnant, I knew I could help him. I do all the cooking in this house (minus the weekend breakfast that my hubby will cook up for us) so I knew that in order to help him in […]

Working Out Indoors

Living in Boston can have its challenges, especially with the weather! I have a gym membership but there are some days that making it out to the gym just isn’t possible. Besides the weather, I also have a toddler. So stuffy noses, groggy mornings, or just those days that he doesn’t want to turn Paw […]

Healthy Snacking Over the Holidays

With the Holiday’s coming up it is so easy to indulge in all the yummy and delicious sweet and savory treats offered! I mean c’mon, the holidays are known for delectable, delicious items that seem like a great idea to indulge in at the time, BUT come January, you will more then likely regret eating that […]