Hiiii! I’m Amber, 34, and I live in sunny San Diego with my guys! My husband, Gabe, is a Sonar Technician in the Navy. He’s usually stationed on a submarine, but we’re currently enjoying his last year of shore duty (that means no deployments!) right now. We could not have picked a better spot to […]

Introducing Dawn

My name is Dawn.  I was born and raised in a Military Family.  I also am married to a Soldier.  I even had my own go at being a Soldier many moons ago.  I am the mother of three wonderful boys.  My oldest is a Soldier, well he’s still in the latter part of his […]

Hey, heyyy, HEY! My name is Katie and I’m 30 years young. My family is currently living in New York but I am a Georgia girl at heart… I probably stick out like a sore thumb! I love strong coffee, mystery novels, a good joke, anything with BACON, hot glue guns, the scent of lavender, […]

Hi, I’m Daneal…I bet you’re wondering how to pronounce my name right? Well, it’s actually pronounced Danielle, but my mom saw the spelling on a license plate and just went with it lol… I’m 31 years old and was born and raised in the great state of Oregon. Never been to Oregon you say…well you […]

Well hey ya’ll! I’m Becca Hill!! You might know me as the Book Club Duchess, that crazy book lady, or the book dealer! I LOVE books! If I am not reading a book (rare), I am talking about books, recommending new books, or finding new authors to share with ya’ll! My husband and I have […]

Ciao! My name is Cerra Sampson and we are currently stationed in Vicenza, Italy.  We’ve been in Italy for only about four months now, and we are really enjoying our time here.  Before we got here I joked about finding an Italian grandma so I would have someone to cook for us.  We were blessed […]

Aloha from Amanda!

Hey y’all! My name is Amanda, and I am the lucky mom of two adorable minions, Jayson (6) and Kennedy (4), and proud wife of 13 years to my hunky Army husband. I grew up an Air Force brat, so when people ask where I’m from I say North Carolina because that is where I lived […]

Introducing Angela Davis

Hello, Hello…..My name is Angela Davis and we are currently stationed in OKINAWA, JAPAN! We have been in Okinawa for 1 year now, moving from Stuttgart, Germany. I am married to an Army soldier for 10 YEARS now and we have 3 beautiful kiddos.      There is Courtney, Jr who is 15 and a sophomore […]

A Little Bit About Amanda

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda! I am married to my amazing husband Jeremiah, whom is currently on recruiting duty, and we have been stationed in Boston, MA for the past 4 years. We are soon moving to Texas though! We have a unique, handsome, and fun little boy (that some of you may know […]

Kat Somers……and crew! 🙂 Hey all!!!! My name is Kathleen, but everyone calls me Kat My soldier is Kenny, he’s a SGT, been in a little over 7 years and we PCS’d last year after 7 years at Fort Bragg, NC we made the insanely long drive to Fort Wainwright, AK! I’m a 30 year old mom […]