Share this…Children can be some of the strongest people when it comes to the military community. They are resilient and can deal with so much change during their parents military career. They change schools every three to four years, have to make new friends, and deal with a parent gone for months on end during […]

Share this…Fresh fruit, homemade jellies, homemade beef jerky and homemade crafts. Sounds amazing, right? Farmers Market’s always excite me when summer kicks off. I love supporting the small business owners and I love homemade items. It’s a win win situation for everyone other than my husband and my wallet. It’s going to a good cause, […]

Share this…Am I the only one that looks forward to when I go grocery shopping and they have food samplings out? I love walking around and sampling the different snacks that they have out. It gives me inspiration for future meals and it may help prevent me from buying so much at the store. If […]

Share this…Teddy Bear’s are great for snuggling and keep our little ones safe. Tea parties are fun and a great time to learn about etiquette. Put the two together and you have an amazing event that everyone is going to enjoy. If you have a little one that loves to play with her favorite stuffed […]

Share this…Am I the only person that buys something that looks intriguing even if I don’t need it? I tend to hoard everything I buy. I hate giving it away or selling it. I’m that “I’ll eventually use it” type of person. Do I actually ever use it? Not at all. That’s where the Post […]

Share this…Who needs a girls weekend out? Maybe a family outing? Either way a wine tasting is the way to go. Head out and for only $20 sample some local wine and enjoy a beautiful day out with the family. Bring the kids for free and even bring your dog and pack a picnic.   […]

Share this…Lions, tigers, and bears OH MY! Okay, maybe not bears, but I’m sure there will definitely be lions and tigers. What type of circus would it be without someone sticking their head into a lions head? Let’s have a family fun day and head to the circus! Here are the details:¬† LADIES AND GENTLEMEN‚Ķ […]

Share this…Mmmm… cookies are a weakness of mine. Fresh, hot, homemade cookies are absolutely delicious. During the week of spring break stop by Chick-Fil-A and buy some cookies for the kids. A portion of the proceeds will go to building a new Veteran’s Homeless Community for the area. As a military spouse this is something […]

Share this…Can you believe is less than a month away? I’m not sure I’m ready to plant jelly beans, build Easter baskets, color eggs, and cook an Easter dinner. So much to do in one day and not enough hours in the day. One thing to check off the list will be easily accessible this […]