Running a successful school day..

Recently while I was talking to another mom friend (yes, they do exist), she was curious as to how our days were structured since we home school and I work from home. I am not going to lie, there are days where I feel as though crawling back into bed and restarting the day would […]

Ambitious plans and goals for our new school year!

I am pretty sure that my children are eyeing me with suspicion right now. I am also fairly certain that they think I have completely lost my mind. Maybe I have, but in a good way! Summer is creeping by quickly, and that means, it is time for me to pull the curriculum out and […]

Preparing for the coming school year

It is that time of year. The time that all teachers begin to look at the coming year and plan out the curriculum. Home schooling is no different, but in some ways can be a little more difficult. Instead of just one age group and grade to plan for, you are planning for each individual […]

The day CHILDREN rejoiced!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the day is finally here. SUMMER VACATION. It was like the sky opened up and an angelic choir started singing. All I could think about after they told me that we were good for the year was “thank goodness!” I was seriously about to the end of my rope! When it comes […]

Myth – My child won’t learn as well as he/she would in a traditional school. Reality – As a homeschooling parent, I have found that my children learn MORE when I engage them in things that they are interested in. When children are in a public school setting, its about the entire class, not the individual […]

Where is summer vacation hiding??

We have hit that time of the year, where parents and kids alike are ready for the end of the school year. Teachers are more than ready for summer vacation to arrive. This year, the great home school experiment has been… interesting. We have had great days and bad days, in between days and days […]

Myth – Because you were home schooled, you will never  be able to go to college or get a decent job. Reality – FALSE! I am walking proof of this one folks! It frustrates me because the myth is the complete opposite. I was home schooled from mid-6th grade through 12th grade. After that, I […]

Why Yes, we take days off too…

While homeschooling there are times when you just really need a day off. I can get creative with them… teacher mental days, catch up on planning days, or just a “we didn’t feel like getting out of bed today, so we are going to lay here and watch movies all snuggled up.” I was recently talking […]

Debunking the Myths – Part 1

So there are a lot of myths about homeschooling floating around. We have discussed already discussed one or two, but I thought it would be a good idea to tackle them one on one. That way we can really debunk the myth, and go a little deeper into them. I was recently talking to one […]

Making Homeschooling FUN!

Learning is not all about the books. Sometimes you have to take a step outside and have a spontaneous lesson. If you have young children at home, you know that keeping them still for any length of time is a challenge. When you have boys, that challenge TRIPLES! I decided we needed a day away […]