Childhood fears of “monsters in the closet” or “creatures under the bed” are pretty normal and if you have a little one that is currently waking up most nights in terror then I hope you find comfort in the fact that a lot of us other parents have been there, too, and it will pass. Just […]

The Great Home-School Experiment!

To Home-school or not to Home-school… that is the question… at least in our house! Homeschooling is not a decision that one can make lightly. I had to really do some thinking to make sure that I could not only teach my children, but not go crazy being around them 24/7. It’s not that I do […]

Children have twenty “baby teeth” that typically begin to fall out by the age of six or seven years old in the same order that they came in as an infant. This is a big milestone for our little ones and can be a scary experience if the child fears that it will be painful to lose […]

Stress sucks, and this is my story. It seems as if mental and emotional tension becomes increasingly more difficult to manage as I age. Between the military lifestyle, having two young children, the constant pressure to be the best wife and mother possible per everyone else’s expectations, working from home, trying to ensure healthy meals […]

Let’s be honest, A bored child has to be one of the worst things to have around the house in the summer, am I right? July is National Anti-Boredom Month! School vacation is on month 2 (for most kids) and to be real here, boredom can kick in quick for little ones! I have a […]

July 14 is Blueberry Picking Day… So what better way to spend it than going to find your thrill on blueberry hill, as Fats Domino would say! My 3-year-old and I did just that… and found some of the sweetest, most ripe blueberries I’ve ever tasted!!! If you have the opportunity to stop in to […]

Hey everyone!! Today I want to do something a little different, I am going to take you step by step to achieve a “mommy friendly” daytime makeup look. As moms we tend to skip the hair and makeup routines we once did, “who has time for that?!” I am here to help! This is going […]

Fun Treats For The 4th!

Fireworks, food, and fun are all part of most 4th of July celebrations! I am all about food and I am especially all about some delicious sweet treats! No matter what the food spread entails, my sister has a saying, “there is always room for a tasty treat!” Zion loves, loves, loves these tasty treats! […]

If you had no idea that this holiday existed, you are not alone! I discovered that International Picnic Day is, indeed, a yearly celebration that is always held on June 18 to encourage people to gather together and enjoy each other’s company. It is interesting speculation that the “picnic” was quite possibly invented by the French […]

Birthdays are one of those things that we have to deal with every year and it seems like the older we become, the less of a big deal it is- right? Wrong. Only if we are dreading hitting that over-the-hill mark! But for our little people that need not worry about the disadvantages of old […]