Festive and Fun Baby Shower Ideas!

Some of you may know I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with an active baby girl! This is the first girl on my side of the family in 32 years!! Crazy huh? So when the planning started for the baby shower, I wanted it to be unique and fun! Zion’s baby shower was a safari […]

All Aboard The Choo-Choo Veggie Train

Believe me when I say I understand the struggle of getting kiddos to eat their veggies! My son is usually not a picky eater and open to trying all kinds of foods. However vegetables is not something we have an easy time with. I usually have to trick him and incorporate vegetables into foods that […]

Oh Joy! Baby Registry Essential Checklist

Hooray for Pregnancy!! Pregnancy can be an exciting (and exhausting) time, trust me I know. I am now 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (a girl) and I have to be honest, this pregnancy has been so much more tiring and uncomfortable then my first one. My pregnancy with Zion was smooth sailing (except […]

When we think about epidemics facing our children, many parents immediately think of diseases or health issues. While viruses and infections do pose real threats, it might be surprising that today’s technology is exposing children and teenagers to alarming rates of cyber dangers. One area of concern facing our sons and daughters is the epidemic […]

Quick & Scrumptious Breakfast Ideas

So we LOVE breakfast in this house! I can literally eat breakfast at any point in the day because I love it so much! I have been experimenting with some things for breakfast because the usual bacon and eggs can get boring. I have learned to sneak in things like spinach into Zion’s eggs and […]

10 Ways to Reduce Stress

STRESS!! We all have it in some way, shape, or form. Work stress, deployments, bills, weight loss goals that aren’t happening..everyone has stress! However, there are ways to deal with this stress and keep peace in your life! Here are 10 tips to reduce stress in your life: 1. Meditate  It’s simple. Sit up straight […]

National Bath Safety Month

My little guy absolutely loves bath time!! He can sit in the bath tub until he is all wrinkly and the water is cold. I am always sure I have everything I need for his bath close by because I hear some scary things about toddlers and bath tubs. Bath time accidents can be serious […]

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Kids love to be involved in holiday task and festivities. However, let’s be honest, the kitchen during Thanksgiving can be a super hectic place for little ones to try and participate. This doesn’t mean that they can be a part of Thanksgiving though. I found some fun and simple crafts for kids to create to […]