Share this…It’s time to break out your PURPLE wear as we are celebrating the kids! It’s Military Child month and it’s all about the young smiles! April is known as Month of the Military Child, to recognize the important role our young ones play in the Armed Forces community! Did you know that more than […]

Share this…Are you making your plans for New Years Resolutions? Many of us get carried away when we propose what we want to see in the New Year. We make resolutions that are hard to keep, and even harder to maintain. This year, try something new! Take a step back, see what goals you want […]

Share this…The holiday season is hard for many families. While we have loved ones and friends deployed, it is hard to feel completely whole for many families. We cannot do enough to tell our soldiers thank you, we can show our appreciation! My boys and I love putting care packages together, and sending them off […]

Share this…Click Here for United States Navy Retired Rear Admiral Robert J. Bianchi. Starting as early as this month (November 2017), Retired Rear Admiral Robert J. Bianchi is going to be the interim Director and Chief Executive Officer for our Military’s Defense Agency Commissary.  Interim in this instance means for a provisional or temporary period of […]