Happy Aviation Day!

Happy National Aviation Day! Today is the day you stop what you are doing and HEAD to any aviation museum to learn about this day. Don’t you love the convenience of flying in an airplane? I DO!! I like how fast it can get me to my destination and I appreciate that I have been […]

Rum, Rum..let’s have some RUM!! Happy National Rum Day!

It’s a CELEBRATION!! Let’s drink some RUM!! Captain Morgan’s White Rum has been distilled five times and it is made with EXQUISITE cane molasses. This white rum is as gentle as the Captain himself. ARRGGH!  We even have this Captain Morgan’s White Rum drink recipe…. WHITE MADRAS     INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz Captain Morgan White […]

PCS Orders and Owning Property

Have you ever heard of the curse on buying property while in the military? I had never heard of it until a few days ago. But the legend goes that as soon as you buy a home, you will come down on orders within the next 2 years. We got to Fort Bragg, NC, in […]

Purple Heart Day, A day of Heroes

Anyone associated with the military knows the honor of the Purple Heart. The medal is used to recognize the sacrifice of those who have been injured or killed in battle. The Purple Heart is a badge of honor, service and unselfish sacrifice. On 7 August 1782, George Washington, the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army […]

It’s Picnic Day!

It’s August and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school to start again is just around the corner.  Don’t let the frustrations get to you and get you down.  Just imagine yourself soaking up the warm rays of the sun with a refreshing beverage, of your choice, in your hands. Listen to the […]

US Coast Guard Day

The US Coast Guard has undergone many changes during its short history. When the Coast Guard was first formed on 4 August 1790, their purpose was to enforce the tariff laws which had been enacted under the Constitution. Alexander  Hamilton was the initial founder, as the Secretary of the Treasury. For the next 125 years they functioned as […]

I’ll never forget a close friend’s family vacation that almost got ruined because of some unexpected roadway construction. A father of four had planned a wonderful camping trip for his whole family on the beautiful California coast when a region of Highway 1 known as Devil’s Slide was closed for a huge renovation project that […]

Happy Birthday Army Chaplains!!

It is a great day when we can celebrate our heroes in uniform! The Army Chaplain Corp is turning 240!! What an amazing group of soldiers!! The Continental Congress declared that Chaplains were an integral part of the Army, and they were established as their own corp on 29 July 1775. Since then, during peace […]