Why You Need A Girls Night Out…Seriously!

Let’s look back at the past month.  How many times have you closed your eyes and told yourself you needed some alone time, time with your friends or just a night out to have dinner without the kiddos?  I know I probably tell myself this at least once a month.  Mommy life can be nerve […]

I Love You Forever..

      Parenting is one the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. The only compensation that parents receive is the unconditional love of a child, and yet, that is the best feeling in the world. As we watch them grow from babies into adults, we watch their horizons grow and expand. Not […]

Celebrate Your Aunt & Uncles Today: Happy Aunt & Uncle Day!!

HAPPY AUNT & UNCLE’S DAY!!! July 26, 2015 is National Aunt & Uncle Day.  Today share your love with all your aunts and uncles and all they may do for you.  We have a few family friends that we are so close to that we consider them our children’s aunts and uncles.  This may be […]

Happy National Tequila Day!! YAY!!

Did you know that today is National Tequila Day? Another reason to have an ADULT beverage!! I am in…. Did you also know that TEQUILA is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant? It can MOST definitely turn a boring night around!! Tequila goes well with any party,function, or gathering…..You can drink it […]

National Cousins Day!

NATIONAL COUSINS DAY! Have you ever sat down and created a family tree? I have tried, but failed miserably! I have 20 aunt and uncles, give or take and I have about 50 cousins and 30 second cousins!! The list goes on and on. I honestly cannot name each and every one, the tree is so very […]

Eat a cheeseburger,a cookie and some ice…it is National JUNK Food DAY!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY!! Don’t feel guilty today for eating ALL the JUNK food in the world. Some days I feel like I celebrate this day,EVERYDAY. LOL So…today eat a cheeseburger, a brownie with some ice cream, and some chips to go with it. Push your diet to the side and resume it tomorrow. […]

Summer Travel On A Budget-The KEY things

We all know how glorious traveling can be at times.  The constant in and out of hotels, pit stops to go potty, kids whining in the car, and not to mention all the wonderful “road food”. All of those pit stops really add up especially if you’re on a budget, have kids and plan on […]

National Pecan Pie Day…MY Kind of Day!!

Happy National Pecan Pie Day y’all!!! In honor of this day we celebrate with Chocolate Pecan Pie!!! YUMMMMM!!! There are so many different variations of pecan pies out there.  One year for Thanksgiving my dad made a cream cheese pecan pie. It was absolutely delicious! Remember, pecan pie doesn’t just have to be eaten at […]

PTSD & Fireworks

I’ve contemplated how to approach this sensitive subject without offending either side. Lord knows I do not feel qualified to offer advice on the subject as I battle my own demons (not combat related). With the celebration of America descending upon us in less than a week, I know my own worries are already triggered […]

Happy 1st Day of SUMMER!!

It is FINALLY here, the first day of summer. School is out and we are SLEEPING in!! What are your plans for the summer? Often times as a military family PCS time is NOW, that is what my family is experiencing. So, not much relaxation for this household. But since we are departing Europe; we […]