What would you do if you won a giveaway…. take $3,000 OR  take a trip to New York for a Westminster Dog show?! These winners all chose the $3,000 to do amazing things when they won the Purina Pro Plan 10 of 10 Best in Show Sweepstakes! This sweepstakes was open to any and all […]

There are all sorts of reasons to get a pet.  One big reason is for a companion service pet, especially in the Military. We have Veterans  whom need a service pet, as well we have Military Dependents (i.e.: Spouses & Children) whom may also be in need of a service pet due to a disability that is either […]

Most of us at some point of another have at least jokingly said we wanted to dress up our fur babies in our United States Service Members uniform.  Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery; what better way to let our fur babies flatter their mommies and daddies than to dress up […]

June 24th marks the 18th annual take your dog to work day. In 1999 is was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions.  What a fantastic way to get work places moral a boost! There are hashtags #takeyourdogtoworkday #takeyourdogtowork #dogsatwork that raise awareness for dogs in […]

JUNE IS NATIONAL ADOPT A CAT MONTH! Cats and kittens are often forgotten about animals at the animal shelters. June is the month to remember those lovable furry babes! Check our your local humane society for only $10.00 this month, you can adopt a feline friend complete with all up-to-date vaccines, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, initial flea […]

Pets are crafty animals! They get out of gates, run through the front door, and break out of open windows. Is that just what my animals do? May is national “Chip Your Pet” month, and they are not talking about fried tortillas. It is highly recommended that you chip your furry animals. If you are […]

Animal Cruelty Awareness Week

The 3rd Week in April is dedicated to brining awareness to Animal Cruelty. Animal cruelty is basically defined as the mistreatment of animals, both domestic and wild. This abuse can come in many forms, including neglect and physical violence. Animal cruelty is usually easy to spot, but you may be confused about what you can do […]

Tasty Veggie Treats for Your Precious Pets

Tasty Veggie Treats for Your Precious Pets By SpouseLink.org Editor Does your dog love bacon treats? Does your cat crave fishy things? When you’re part of a Military Family, living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can be challenging enough, and when it comes to your pets… sometimes you have to “let it go” and serve […]

Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month! Understanding what potential harmful poisons exist in your home and yard is the first step to keeping your pet safe. Based on the Pet Poison Helpline call volume and database, here are the top 10 most common toxins that the helpline gets called about. Now keep in mind that some of these listed are […]