Hey y’all! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer time. Hopefully your kids are out of school (or will be soon) and you’ve eased into the slowness of long days outside and spending quality time with your families. I know we have been extra lazy these last few weeks and it’s JUST what […]

Now that my kiddos are out of school, they LOVE to help me in the kitchen. Today, we attempted some homemade applesauce in the crockpot and it was a HUGE success. This recipe is so easy, my 10 year old took over and made the whole thing! Crockpot Applesauce 3 lbs of your favorite apples. […]

May is one of my favorite months of the year! School getting out, summer vacation starting, and food!! As we plan our outdoor parties, we want to make sure we have the best food available! These super awesome kid friendly recipes are the best way to kick off summer! There is low cost and minimal […]

This month’s Cupcake Diaries was inspired by my mother as we just celebrated Mother’s 🌸 Day last weekend. If you’ve been following my dessert adventures then you probably know that I enjoy showing my love through food… it just feels good to make other people’s bellies happy. If you are considered a friend or family member […]

School’s out for summer! Well, here anyway. Woohoo! My 10 year old has been dying to make his own sushi. So much so, that we’ve purchased a sushi rolling kit, even though no one has any idea how to do it. I thought we could start with something easy and work our way up so […]

Egg-tastic news!

Eggs are a delicious addition to anything, and May is the perfect time to celebrate.  It is National EGG Month!! How awesome is that!? Eggs are becoming more and more common place in meals, as they are a healthy protein. Many Americans are beginning to swap out other items in their menus to include eggs […]

Summer is rolling around and we are fixing to hit several awesome American holidays. This recipe brings out one of the best things we have, the Red, the White, and the Blue! Get ready for some amazing accolades from your friends and family when you put these delicious beauties on the table. Easy, fun and […]

May is National Hamburger Month! I cannot think of a more fitting time for this than right now. Spring is in full swing, the weather is gorgeous, flowers and trees are lending a beauty to the landscape, and when you fire up the grill… perfection has arrived!! Hamburgers are a leading favorite in American past-time […]

Trying to get our children to make healthier food choices is a never-ending battle, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve written about just that time and time again because I get really excited when I find new ways to get my little ones to appreciate a revamped, healthier version of one of their favorite classics. For example, […]

Hey y’all! The weather’s finally getting warmer and that means it’s salad season! But what to do when you’re stuck at work or too busy to cook? Let the Crockpot cook for you! I’ll show you how with this easy BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad. It’s healthy and delicious! And did I mention EASY? Start off […]