Hey everyone! It’s the end of the week and almost the end of July! You know what that means? School is right around the corner! I can’t believe my wonderfully lazy summer has almost come to an end. I better start stocking up on COFFEE (one of my true loves) now to help me get […]

Make a splash with OREO WHIP!

Summer is blazing.. at least it is here on the East Coast! I love the heat, so while my kids complain, I am secretly living in heaven. However, trying to find desserts that can be prepared on these warm days without using the oven can be difficult. But then I remembered this delicious recipe that […]

The summer is finally winding down here in Georgia and we’ve got our sights set on the beginning of the new school year. I can’t believe my kids go back in two weeks! To keep myself and everyone else from stressing out about it, I’m going to start prepping a few make ahead recipes once […]

This summer has been filled with sunshine, swimming at the beach, and friendly BBQs with family and friends. But what happens when you forget about the dish you’re supposed to bring to your next get together? ACK! Today, I have the solution. An incredibly easy and sinfully delicious coconut pie! This is my mom’s recipe […]

Hey everyone! We’ve made it through yet another week and you know what that means! I’m back with another weekend Happy Hour! I’ve got a super fun drink that everyone should make this weekend and next week in honor of… SHARK WEEK! We are huge fans of Shark Week on Discovery every year so this […]

When you want to make a daiquiri that will appeal to all your friends, you may want to check out this drink recipe I came across from Brown-Foreman.  It was a smash with both mine and my husband’s friends!  It is so simple to make and it is also quite tasty as well as refreshing!  It made […]

Dragons, white walkers, and dire wolves, OH MY! It’s mid-July and that can only mean one thing in this Nerdy Nibbles household. Game of Thrones is finally back on! Last year, we did roasted turkey legs and potatoes. All things you can eat with your hands. Check out my Medieval Times night HERE for ideas! […]

I was looking for a way to liven up a banana, when I came across this fabulous recipe by Kellogg’s*.  I found that it was a simple and quick enough way to make a very tasty and still nutritious snack for kiddos.  Nothing makes kids happier than to have something yummy to eat for a snack and nothing pleases […]

Usually I share with you recipes that are simple, quick and for the entire family! This time, I am sharing one to you, brought to us by CHINET perfect for an at home DATE NIGHT! We can’t always afford the expensive steak house bill, so when I can find a recipe like this one, I like […]

Taco Tuesday is about to be TACOS EVERYDAY when I accidentally stumble across recipes like this one!!! Let’s be real now, every one of my family members loooove some tacos! Some like the soft, some the hard, some carne asada, some beef, shredded chicken, some just a cheese quesadilla! Anyway we can make it, they […]