So let’s start with the hard part of my blog. Zion had a melt down about a week ago and I have to be honest, I have no real idea why. That’s problem with his sensory issues and limited speech, he can’t always tell us what is wrong or what is bothering him. He started […]

So I am writing Zion’s blog in a slightly different fashion. I have been doing a lot of research lately and it’s for 1 main reason: I feel somewhat alone. I know that sounds odd, however it is the truth. You see, when Zion was diagnosed with Autism, he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. […]

The Day I Noticed The Signs

I got a call from the School Psychologist where Zion attends his Speech Therapy services. She basically told me that she didn’t understand why Zion was not placed in PPCD (pre-k) based on his summer assessment. If you remember, this is the ARD (meeting) that I had to sit through and cried because they were […]

Well, we are still in the process of trying to get Zion into school. I am getting frustrated because his Speech Therapist is telling me that she believes Zion belongs in the PPCD room, and now I am being told they will discuss it and may need additional testing! WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?? I […]

Zion started his speech services with one of the local school districts and its honestly been hit and miss. The 1st session he did great, then after that the Speech teacher switched things on him and he shut down. The next session after that, my mom couldn’t even get him out of the house to […]

Well, the Developmental Pediatrician finally made it official, Zion has been diagnosed with Autism. As my video stated, it isn’t full blown or severe (that may sound odd I understand), but he is diagnosed as more high-functioning, mild Autistic. Many people have asked me how I feel about this. To be honest, I am somewhat […]

So I did a little something different on our video this week. I wanted to show how much language Zion has, but also the lack of clarity. He knows ALL his letters, but if you watch him, he can’t say some of them, so he replaces it with a different letter. In particular I noticed […]

The Day I Noticed The Signs

Well this is the last week of summer vacation here in San Antonio. I am still waiting for a call from Zion’s school to find out his speech schedule. I am anxious for him to go into the PPCD room (just for a little bit of time) because I won’t be there with him. I […]

Zion is doing great!! I started work this week and it has been really hard on me to be away from my babies but I know this is what is best for us. Jeremiah took Zion to his Audiology appointment today (Thursday 8/11) because I had a mandatory training that I needed to be at. […]

We had a good week. Zion had a speech consult and the therapist said he still qualifies for speech services. However, before she determines the type of speech services and frequency, she wanted to do another test on him. So next week she will be giving him a Apraxia test. This will help determine if […]