School is Out For Summer

Well, Zion did it! He made it through his 1st year (well half year) of school and I couldn’t be more proud of him! The progress he has made in both speech and social skills is amazing, and he is at a completely different place then he was this time last year. I mean, he […]

The Day I Noticed The Signs

So recently Zion has been getting very overstimulated. He has been having more meltdowns and just more frustrated with things in general. I bought him a “fidget spinner” or whatever those things are called and it has actually seemed to help him. Although this stimulates his mind as well, it is actually in a more […]

Well move-in day to our new house has finally happened! Although we have done everything we possibly can to make this transition easier for Zion, he still has a lot of questions, and we are okay with that. We keep having to tell him that this is our forever home. We tell him at least […]

Zion’s first couple of weeks of school have been a success! He wakes up everyday and is so excited to go to school. He walks in, puts his folder in the bin, hangs up his backpack and sits at his table. Everyday he comes home and we do his homework together. He seems to really like […]

Zion has had a pretty good couple of weeks. He still continues to throw small tantrums but we are learning how to deal with these in a better way. It’s crazy because I am a Special Education Teacher and have more then 5yrs experience with kids that have all kinds of disorders, so you would […]

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! I have enjoyed my 2 week vacation. However, it comes to an end on Jan 3rd and I am back to work until Spring Break and then summer break! We celebrated Christmas Eve with family and had a great time eating, […]

So the last 2 weeks have been pretty good up until yesterday (12/17). Let’s start with the good. I spoke to the School Psychologist from Zion’s school and she informed me that his ARD (meeting) date will be January 25th. This will be the day we talk about services for Zion and his start date […]

First off sorry for no video, my computer was not cooperating! Zion has had a pretty good 2 weeks. We did have a great Thanksgiving though! Long story short, my dad was supposed to have heart surgery which put dinner on the rocks. He ended up not having to have it and so we celebrated […]

So let’s start with the hard part of my blog. Zion had a melt down about a week ago and I have to be honest, I have no real idea why. That’s problem with his sensory issues and limited speech, he can’t always tell us what is wrong or what is bothering him. He started […]

So I am writing Zion’s blog in a slightly different fashion. I have been doing a lot of research lately and it’s for 1 main reason: I feel somewhat alone. I know that sounds odd, however it is the truth. You see, when Zion was diagnosed with Autism, he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. […]