Week 11 Day 70

This past week I have finally found my pace when training, thanks to the assistance of my coach, Rico.  I figured out that as my strength and endurance grows, so will my pace.

I am preparing to have a visit with my family.  My sister, Salina, who is the reason I looking into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for a way to get into shape.  I have told everyone prior in my health and fitness journey as well as through out it thus far, that I get bored in a traditional gym setting. I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I am on the treadmill.  MMA has been a great way to keep my attention and focus, I’m not bored one slight bit when I am working out.

I look forward to sharing pictures and videos from my time with my sister, we’re going to train together.  We’ve never been able to train together, we live so many miles apart.  We are both really excited about seeing one another and training together!

Fitness Goals:


Nutrition Goals:


Weight and Measurements:

Weight 171 lbs.

Waist  36 in.

Hips 39.75 in.

Left bicep  11.75 in.

Right bicep  11.75 in.

Left thigh 19.5 in.

Right thigh 19.5 in.

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