Competing with Myself: 90 Day Challenger

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Week 9 Day 56

Last week I started back to my Muay Thai and Kickboxing classes with Coach Rico at RS MMA & Fitness.  I had Muay Thai Fundamentals class on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Muay Thai class on Thursday evening after the Muay Thai Fundamentals class.  This past Wednesday afternoon the 20th, I had an hour and half Muay Thai class with some cardio added into it.  At the end of that class Coach Rico showed us a couple of videos for the last few minutes of class.  The videos were educational, because they showed us all the stuff he trains us on in class, adding to our understanding of the techniques. Then after a few hours home to rest and work, it was back to Muay Thai class on Wednesday evening.

Since getting back into my normal routine of classes, I realize just how rusty two weeks of not MMA have made me.  It is coming back quicker than when I first started learning.  My vacation, though it was active with all the hiking, definitely set me back a little bit in my skill level.  I am so happy to be back in my classes, I really missed going to them those two weeks I was gone.  I actually missed working out!  That is something I NEVER thought in a million years I would feel, think nor say.  Funny how once I found my niche, I really enjoyed exercising.

Finding what motivates you and makes you feel that exercise is enjoyable, rather than a chore is pretty much half the battle.  Then the rest is all about maintaining your motivation and dedication.  I may stumble and struggle, but I am determined to keep getting back up and pushing through until each hurdle.

I have a few relatives in the medical field, one is a doctor and two are nurses.  I have been told that the scale isn’t always the best source to judge your weight.  I was informed that I should use the measuring tape as well as the mirror to figure out if I am making improvements, naturally this would still be in addition to the scale.  While the scale will say that my weight is up or down, it doesn’t give me a complete and accurate source to see if I am making improvements.  There have been times as you know, during my journey that I have had my numbers go up on the scale; however, the numbers go down in my measurements.  As I have also previously mentioned in these blogs, the scale and measurements can reflect weight gain and loss.  If the scale says I gained weight, but my measurements reflect inches lost, then I am simply gaining muscle and losing fat.

I have recently discovered that muscle does NOT weigh more than fat.  A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. Don’t freight, there is a light a the end of the tunnel! Muscle is denser than fat, in other words it takes up less space than fat.  Muscle uses approximately a quarter amount less of space than fat.  That is pretty awesome in my opinion.  Plus, muscle also has a higher metabolic rate than fat.  Muscle, unlike fat, will continue to burn calories long after you are not exercising.  BONUS! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!  I am excited that I will keep burning off those calories when I am not working out, all because of the muscle I am building!  SWEETNESS!

Working with Coach Rico :

I have been working now for 9 weeks.  I can see a difference in my body and feel it.  I am pushing myself now without being told to do it and without even consciously thinking it.  Today at the end of my afternoon class with Coach Rico, we were doing fire-hydrant exercise.  We did 30 reps of each of the 3 set of movements on each of the legs and then at the end of the last set for each leg we held for a count of at least 10 seconds.   I have a bad hip and my coach as well as my doctor are aware of this.  I pushed myself on the side of my bad hip and didn’t even realize I was pushing myself until Coach Rico said “Yeah! Good job, way to push through it.  Dawn, this is your journey!”  I could not help but be a little proud of myself in that moment.  There is nothing like knowing you are pushing yourself, but to know that your coach sees it too… it is a surreal part of the journey.

My fitness goals this week are to attend more Muay Thai classes, at least one more class a week. I also want to increase my fitness exercising at home to be at least one hour a day, excluding Sundays.

My nutrition goals this week are to eat at least 2 meals per week that are meatless and have the remaining meals be fish or chicken only.

My weight and measurements this week are:

weight- 175 pounds

hips-  40.50 inches

waist- 35.75 inches

left bicep- 11.50 inches

right bicep- 11.50 inches

left thigh-  20 inches

right thigh- 19.75 inches

Time to up my workout!  I really need to make better progress in my own opinion.  I’m not happy with my results and I’m not devastated either, but I really feel like I can do better.  I want and need to do better.

I may have hit a plateau. (Plateau – verb: reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress ~ Oxford Dictionary)

This could be for a great many reasons, but they are simply reasons to make more changes, not excuses to give up! I will not allow this to become an excuse that this is as good as I can do, because I know I can and will do as well as be better!!  I’ve set my mind to it and there is no way I will accept defeat nor failure!!!  I am not above asking for help, and that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am asking here and I will also in person ask Coach Rico to PLEASE help me.


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