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Facebook is a tool that we use for just about everything! It is a one stop place to share what is going on in our lives, funny little tid-bits, or super awesome deals that we have going on.

Did you know that My Military Savings has more than just a Facebook page!? If you follow our blogs, and coupons, then you have visited our wesbite. But dud you know that we also have a YouTube account!? We keep all of our videos on there! Find fun ways to get make new recipes, try different foods, OR get the scoop on the awesome deals that we have going! If you miss it on Facebook, you can always find it on our YouTube page! Make sure to head over there and mark us as a favorite!

We do our best to keep you up to date on great deals, highlights of savings, and new items that you might not be aware of. Sharing how-to videos on recipes is a great way to try something different!  We are always looking to the future, so stay tuned for more!!

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