Date Your Mate Month

Date your mate the month of May! Let’s face it, especially in a Military Lifestyle, the stress can run a muck.  Making time for your spouse or even if you aren’t a married Military Service Member, for your special someone.  The time apart can become taxing on a relationship.  So even when it isn’t the month May, make the most of the time you have with the love of your life.

May the romance bloom during every month of dating your special someone.

Ideas for dating your mate

1- Spontaneous Date Night:

Spring a surprise date night with everything from babysitter arrangements to what you’ll be doing for date night planned so that your sweet heart can have a night of romance without having to plan for it.

2-  Bloom Into An Evening of Romance Any Day Of The Week:

Run a relaxing bubble bath complete with candle light around the bath tub and rose peddles sprinkled into the bubble bath water. Have some romantic music playing softly in the back ground.  If you have the extra room, make it a bubble bath for the two of you.

3- Love Is In The Air:

Prepare your sweetie pie’s favorite meal and or dessert.  Let the house be filled with their favorite smell of food after a hard day at work.  Date Night can be any night, even if it’s just dinner for two.  Those precious few minutes (more like sixty of them) can be just what the love doctor prescribes once and a while to have added in addition to your normal date nights.