DIY Rosette “Bows”

Rosette “Bows”

recently learned how to make these Rosettes at one of our church groups, and
let me just throw a disclaimer in here: THEY ARE ADDICTING! Be prepared to
spend lots of time making them. Good thing they take very little time to make!

I have
seen these rosettes everywhere and have always thought they were so cute, but
never knew how to make them.  Turns out
they are the easiest thing in the world to make. 


-Fabric strips 1 ½ inches-3 inches wide by 12-18 inches

-Alligator Clips


-Glue Gun


Use any pattern of fabric you’d like.  Start by taking a strip of fabric and tying a
knot at one end. Trim the excess that is behind the knot.


Twist your fabric around the knot and glue often.
Continue to twist and glue…the tighter you twist the tighter the bow, the
looser you twist the looser the bow.  I’ve
even done some instead of twisting I fold the fabric over and it looks like a
flower.  Pretty neat-o!


Turn the Rosette over and glue the alligator clip on, and
you are finished! You can use these for bows in your hair, glue them on
headbands and I’ve even used and seen them on wreaths. 



Money Saving Tip: If you have girls or know someone who
does that plans on making and wearing these all the time, you can glue a small piece
of ribbon on the back to clip the alligator through the ribbon.  This will help having to glue a clip on every
single bow. 


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