The planet we live on is just more than simply the grass, trees and flowers.  It is the insects, animals and human beings. Everything plants and animals (including humans) make up our planet.  So to celebrate Earth Month and to care for the planet, is to care about everything that lives here.

Using naturally derived as well as all natural products for cleaning and such are one way we can care for everything in addition to everyone who makes up our planet. Check for these products by reading labels and ingredients when shopping at your local Defense Agency Commissary and your local Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Navy Exchange (NEX) and / or Marine Corps Exchange (MCX).  There are more than just household cleaning products that you can look for that have naturally derived ingredients or that are completely all natural when it comes to caring for your planet.

We all have to clean our homes and part of that sometimes means hiring professionals to provide their services for us to do so.  If your home gets its carpets, tile, grout, and air conditioning / heater ducts cleaned, look for a company that provides their services with all natural or naturally derived products.

I recently had my ducts cleaned and it was so great to have a company that not only gave a Military discount, but also provided their services with all natural products.  My family and my little fur baby Bruiser were able to stay inside our house while they were cleaning the ducts.  My parents had this done once when I was visiting them and the company they used did not have all natural products to clean the ducts with, they used chemicals.  These chemicals were so harsh that due to the fumes we (including any and all pets) had to remain outside while the services were performed and wait up to almost an hour before we could enter the home again.  You could smell the chemicals all the way outside too.  So I was so pleased when I found a company that didn’t use chemicals.  Carpet Masters of Kansas are a locally owned small business and have a 10% Military Discount for their already conservative fees.  In addition, they have the ability because they have the proper permits to perform their services on the local Military Installation where my husband is stationed.  This means that other fellow Military Families that are stationed on Ft. Riley and live in post housing can use their services if they want.  What a great deal to have something that is not environmentally harsh, nor are the products harmful to your family! Safe to use and one way to not damage our planet’s environment.

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