End of School Year Bash on June 2nd at the Corkan Family Fun Center!

School is out!!!! Summer break has officially begun!! How are you celebrating the start of this wonderful time of year!? 🌞

All of the children are hyped up to get to sleep-in, play with their friends, visit the pool during afternoons, and maybe even stay up a bit late. Surprise your kiddo with this awesome End of School Year BASH being held on Friday, June 2nd at the Corkan Family Fun Center on Ft. Stewart ! This event is from 7pm-10pm (so the staying up late can begin then!) and is totally FREE!

You can look forward to FREE roller skating, laser tag, and bounce houses! What child wouldn’t want to join in on that fun!? There will also be food and music… an all around great atmosphere to celebrate the joy of childhood and the awesomeness of our little ones.

Registration is required for this bash – you need to visit the website here and message the page or leave a comment inquiring about signing up and someone will be in touch with you very quickly.

This event is open to civilians as well so if you are not military or are inviting civilian friends to join you, make sure to get an access pass from the main gate prior to the event to make entry easy. Car insurance and registration is required for an access pass as well as an ID.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Corkan Family Fun Center – Bldg 448, Lindquist Rd, Fort Stewart, Georgia 31313