Financial Readiness Program: Bank Account Maintenance Classes Start June 19th

Everyone needs the skills of money management, and Fort Benning’s Financial Readiness Program is offering a free bank management class for Active duty, as well as their spouses

The class is held every Monday from 9:15am -10:30am, the next class being June 19th. The class allows concentration on skills needed to ensure that the responsibility of managing money, a bank account, and transactions more clear. Being in the military, we see, to overlook transactions, and not account for purchases all the time, and therefore could lead lead to insufficient funds, fees, and negative balances.

This class will allow financial understanding and prepare members on how to not only manage their money, bank account, and checkbook, but also how to not lead oneself into a spiral due to lack of banking knowledge. The understanding of money is important in this society, and knowing how to manage your bank account even more will allow for a secure future.

For more information, contact the Financial Readiness Program at 706-545-4043.