Finding Beauty in the Mundane



Mundane activities. Cleaning up after loved ones. Scrubbing another stain out of the carpet. Fetching the mail. Grabbing the dry-cleaning. Changing the oil. Washing the windows. Just a few things that come to mind when I think of simple tasks that are mundane. Then I think about the people who benefit from those tasks. The ones who don’t have the time nor chance to complete the chore. What if they did. Would they find it mundane?

I have compiled a list of ways to see the beauty in the mundane:

  • grab music and sing along to happy songs
  • do funny dance moves while walking to the mail box
  • take time out to smell the roses (so clique but so important!)
  • smile at a stranger, they may need your small gift
  • reach out to a friend and do mundane activities together
  • leave judgement behind and take each task head on with positivism


A wise professor of mine once said, “If you are bored, it is because you are boring”. While he may have meant it facetiously, I try to remember it on my down days. Take the time today to find peace with the mundane and smile at the beauty Y’all!~