FREE Movie at the MWR Library December 9th

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Come one, come all, to the MWR Library this Saturday December 9th and enjoy a free movie commemorating the 100th anniversary for WW1. The event starts at 1pm and is open to the entire community. The library is located at 7611 Sightseeing Road, Building 2784. Bring the children, and learn the history of WW1, and in the impact it made on the world today.

100 years, have gone by, and today we are still fighting a war, and some of your neighbors, friends and family may still be fighting overseas as well. Learn what started the war, the outcome, the enemies, and much more.

Look for other opportunities to enjoy future events as well, and educate not only yourself, but your children, too. Spark their imagination, and get them interested in the subject of history. Make their minds wonder, give them the spark to learn, and grow knowing about our history from an entertainment standpoint.

So, head on over to the library, and make a mark on history.