Giving Back To The Military Community

Giving Back to the Military Community (1)

Giving back to the military community is something that I have tried to instill in my children and myself since landing on a military base several years ago. Everyday there are members of the military whom put their lives on the line for us, so giving back helps ease their burdens. You can find some many good organizations that need volunteers, donations, help, etc. just looking on social media and by word of mouth. There are companies, corporations, and agencies that have conglomeration geared towards families, individuals, and whole units within all branches military communities. is a great resource to find volunteer opportunities. is another site that is flooded with ideas on how you can give back. There are so many emotional connections that you can make with others just by volunteering. After PCSing there is no better way to establish lasting life-long friendships, within the military community, then finding an association that strengthens and protects the framework of the service personnel. Follow what your heart tells you to do, whether it is something as simple as a one time donation or an ongoing commitment. 

Operation Fetch



Operation Homefront

Fisher House Foundation

Support Military Spouses

NCPacks 4 Patriots

Operation Care and Comfort

Our Military Kids

Toys for Tots

There are so many more consortium’s worthy of your time and pledged concordat to be fully successful and charge ahead with supporting our active duty and veterans. The basic infrastructure of a solid foundation starts with you. Jubilation Y’all!~

Giving Back to the Military Community