Happy 109th Birthday!!!

Many of us like to thank a service member for their time dedicated to our country, but today we recognize a specific branch of our US Military. We are excited to share this special day with you! April 23 is the day that the US Army Reserves celebrates its birthday! Created in 1908 by Congress, the US Army Reserves was originally designed as a medical readiness unit for the Army, it quickly evolved to become its own entity.

“Over the years, Reserve Soldiers have participated in every major military campaign to include; World War I, World War II, Korean War, Cold War, Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the Global War on Terrorism.  Today, approximately 200,000 Army Reserve Soldiers serve around the globe.” (via http://www.usar.army.mil/Featured/Special-Features/Army-Reserve-Birthday/).

The reserves have units in every state, and cover quite a few Military Operational Specialty (MOS). Get more information on the US Army Reserves. The Reserves has a great history!

Here are a few fun facts on the US Military:

  1. Less than 28 percent of Americans between the ages of 17-23 are qualified for military service, that’s only about 1-in-4.
  2. The United States has 737 military installations overseas alone.
  3. The U.S. Army was in charge of exploring and mapping America. The Lewis and Clark Expedition was an all Army affair. Army officers were the first Americans to see such landmarks as Pike’s Peak and the Grand Canyon.
  4. Only one President (James Buchanan) served as an enlisted man in the military and did not go on to become an officer.
  5. 30 of the 43 Presidents served in the Army, 24 during time of war, two earned the rank of 5-star General (Washington and Eisenhower) and one earned the Medal of Honor (T. Roosevelt)

Happy Birthday US ARMY RESERVES!