Hawaii’s False Alarm (Great Tips for How To Cope)

This past Saturday the state of Hawaii had a scare. Many of the islands are filled with military personnel and dependents that had no idea what to do, where to go, or if this was even a “real thing,”.

This Is Not A Drill

I was sitting at my kitchen table, perusing Facebook like every other Saturday morning when I received the first message. At first I thought that I must have hit something and it’s one of those weird pop-up ads, but then I read it. I looked at my husband and said, “Look what just came up,”. Then on his phone the same message appeared.

Luckily our kids were still asleep and were able to assess the situation to act in our family’s best interest- plus it helped that we were able to get information rather quickly that this whole ordeal was a “boo- boo,”. Unfortunately, most people on the island were not so lucky and spent at least a good 30 minutes in a closet or attempting to find a safe place to bunker down.

The fear was real for so many and I have heard so many stories first hand of what was going through their minds. I feel terrible for them and want to find a way to help them.

Coping With The False Alarm

There is an amazing woman in my community that wrote a great blog explaining the whole thought process of this situation and how to overcome the event. She is a military spouse and child play therapist by the name of Jen Taylor. Her article, Coping with Hawaii’s Ballistic Missile False Alarm, goes through the responses your brain may have gone through at the time and positive coping skills. If you have any interest in this, or are personally going through the anxieties of this, I highly recommend checking out her post and even contacting her if you are here on island and in need of support!