Ciao! My name is Cerra Sampson and we are currently stationed in Vicenza, Italy.  We’ve been in Italy for only about four months now, and we are really enjoying our time here.  Before we got here I joked about finding an Italian grandma so I would have someone to cook for us.  We were blessed in finding an Italian grandma, who lives upstairs! Her name is Nona Maria, and she loves cooking! =) She gained four grandchildren in the process so she’s pretty happy, too.


My husband, Justin, and I have been married for almost four years and have been blessed with two absolutely beautiful children, Lilyana and Owen.  Lilyana is three years old and Owen is almost 10 months.  They are a riot and a complete joy to be around.  Lilyana likes to wear princess dresses and play in the dirt, and Owen loves riding his motorcycle and trying to eat anything off the floor he can find.  Justin enjoys eating chocolate, playing the guitar and being with his family. My family is known for the animated faces we (natuarly) make.  It’s quite hilarious to hear that’s how people remember us!



Other than crocheting, using my Kitchen Aid Mixer and eating Kinder Delice cakes I love being outdoors, traveling, being with my friends and family, going to church and of course cooking! I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and I’m starting to become (some what) fluent in Italian.  I am passionate about my family and instilling Christian values into my children.

Hope y’all enjoyed learning a tad bit about myself and my little family! Ciao!


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