Hospitality Matters!~

Hospitality is something that my Grandmother Joyce taught me at an early age. It is innately driven into my soul. Being around the ever-changing military and certain situations that pop up out of nowhere, means changing your hospitality hat often. When another military family needs support or help during the bleak times, doing just that means adding to your own sunshine. Perhaps you have a neighbor, friend, or comrade who is having a difficult time and could benefit from a helping hand. I have compiled a list of great ways we all can jump aboard the hospitality train.

Ways to give back that do not cost a dime:

Be a listening ear.

Go for a walk.

Help babysit.

Clean their kitchen.

Write them a nice letter.

Hug them.

Pet sit.

Sing them a random song.

Make them laugh.

Volunteer together.

Pick flowers from the side of the road.

Ways to give back that are cheap:

Make them dinner.

Drive them to appointments.

Bring them their favorite coffee.

Try a work-out class together.

Teach them a skill you have.

Take in a movie together.

Go fishing and just laugh.

Plan a weekend away together.


There are so many other ways that you can show your hospitality and talents. Make sure you just reach out, that is the best thing you can do for others. Being available for a chat and a doughnut can make all the difference in the world to someone. Who will you reach out to today?

Jubilation Y’all!~