Introducing Dawn

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Dawn & her hubby

My Hubby & Me

My name is Dawn.  I was born and raised in a Military Family.  I also am married to a Soldier.  I even had my own go at being a Soldier many moons ago.  I am the mother of three wonderful boys.  My oldest is a Soldier, well he’s still in the latter part of his BCT.  My other two boys are still in school.  I am getting a daughter finally this August when my oldest son gets to marry his sweetheart.  Whom we’ve know both her and her family since they were both five years old.  I have always thrived in volunteer and paid positions where I felt I could give back and also be of service to my fellow Military Families.  I can relate to being the Military Child, the Spouse, the Soldier and now the Military Parent too!

I am always looking at ways to stretch the family budget to maximize groceries in the house and to free up extra money to do fun things with the kiddos.   Being frugal with money is a necessity in my book.  I like to make sure I am getting the maximum in exchange for my family’s hard earned income.   I am sure that many people feel the same, especially Military Families like my own!

Being that I was born into this life, I learned early to not be too timid.  I am pretty out-going; although, I do have my shy moments even if they are few and far between!  Also, being from this life there were always pictures being taken of family gatherings and also with our fellow Military Family gatherings.  This is where my love for photography probably comes from.  My in laws also love pictures, so I found myself always snapping photographs no matter where I was after I got married.  I love being behind the camera and  to show people the beauty I see in life’s wondrous moments.  I am thrilled being able to capture memories for others so that they have those treasured timeless moments frozen in time not only in their memories and hearts, but also in photographs to go back to and reflect upon as well as share.

I also like to find things to do for myself so that I have something for just me outside of the house, so I got into Muay Thai aka Kickboxing at a MMA place where my husband is currently stationed.  My husband loves the people from my class to include the MMA coaches.  I feel like I found a little extra family which makes going to class feel more like fun at a family reunion than working out and sparing!  This has been the thing I found that I love most about this duty station is the wonderful MMA family whom many are Military Families themselves and some are prior service as well.  It has been a wonderful outlet where I get to be just “Dawn” and not “so -so’s wife” or “so-so”s mom”… It is a place where I have my own identity and get my butt kicked into shape by my coaches and my personal trainer who is about to make his UFC debut in the upcoming months.  We all need a healthy outlet to be ourselves and have our own thing.  My kids have theirs and my husband has his, finally nearly 20 something years later, I have mine!  LOL

Dawn with her MMA personal trainer

My MMA Personal Trainer & Me

I look forward to working with as well as getting to know all of you!!  May you find frugal deals and everlasting happiness no matter where in the world the Military has you calling home!

Stay Positive Loves!


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