JBPH-Hickam 43rd Annual Spring Craft Fair & Dog Show May 5th

What: Joint Base Pearl Harbor (JBPH)-Hickam 43rd Annual Craft Fair
When: Saturday, May 5th 9am-3pm
Where: Arts and Crafts Center; 335 Kuntz Ave., Hickam

Aloha everyone! Last November, a friend of mine invited me to the JBPH Annual Fall Fair and I was hooked (Ummm, an opportunity to shop? Yes, please!)! So, imagine my excitement when I found out the same location also holds a Spring Fair!!!

Y’all, there were tons of vendors and everything that was being sold was handmade by the vendors themselves, which made every single item being sold at the craft fair 100% unique. I don’t know about you, but when my husband receives orders to a new duty station I make it a goal to find at least one piece of decor that is distinctive to that post and that will capture the essence of how I feel being stationed at that location. And let me tell you there were so many great pieces of beautifully made artwork and decor to choose from. I had a difficult time choosing just one but in the end I came across this beautiful sign with the word ‘Ohana’ written across it, which means family in Hawaiian.

And you don’t just have the chance to shop locally and help support small businesses. This craft fair also gives you the opportunity to sell your handmade items too! That’s right! If you yourself make any kind of handmade items that you would love to sell you can reserve a space.

Registrations to reserve a space starts Friday, February 2nd at 9am in the Ceramics Shop located on Hickam Air Force Base. It’s $75 for a 15 by 15 space or $105 for two to share a space. Important: All items sold at the craft fair MUST be handmade by you. The Ceramics Shop also requires that you bring some of your handmade items or photos of your handmade items at time of registration.

For additional information you can call (808)448-9907 or email tori.smith@navy.mil or donna.sommer@navy.mil.

I am so looking forward to this event! Please let me know if any of you sign up to sell your handmade items! I would love to stop by your space and check out your artistic work!