Keeping A Smile During Rain

Keeping A Smile During The Rain

Hey Y’all. I am going to talk about keeping a smile during the chaos of military life. People often ask me about smiling during the rough patches, during the rain. When my spouse doesn’t make it in time for a great dinner I have been planning for days. When he misses a pivotal moment in our children’s lives due to work. When a friend finds out they have orders to half way around the world and my own spouse is leaving for halfway around the world. When the dog has diarrhea all over the Persian rug moments before book club is due to arrive. When I open my mouth without thinking about others feelings first. At the end of the day, it is just that, a day. There are 364 more days to try and make the most of life. To smile at the simple things. To apologize for the mistakes and move on. We are each given one life, find happiness within each simple moment. If your spouse is not able to make that dinner, plate him one anyhow and brighten his day. If your spouse missed a special occasion, celebrate on another day as the calendar can wait. If your friends move, keep in touch and make use of social network sites. As for the rug? I got nothin’! Jubilation Y’all!~