Kids Bowl Free All Spring and Summer

Aloha! This past week, during what seemed like an entire week without a break in the rainy weather, my husband and I decided to take the kids bowling and I happened upon an amazing opportunity that I knew I just had to share!  Did you know that you can register your children at to receive two free games of bowling a day (that’s right!!! 2 free games a day) all spring and summer long? Say what?!?!

I’m not sure about y’all but summers around here can seem kind of long, especially with my husband working crazy, long hours. And some days I just do not feel like leaving Post and having to make the drive to go the beach or on a hike (insert audible gasp). This is the perfect solution for me and my active kiddos. Not only can we get a little exercise by riding our bikes to the bowling alley on post but we can also save money on  a fun activity because the kids’ bowling games are FREE!!!

Steps: 1) Go to the website; 2) Click on a center near you; 3) Register each child; 4) Receive free bowling passes each week by email; 5) Enjoy bowling all Spring and Summer!

Please share this with all your friends! This program isn’t just available here on Schofield, it’s available at various bowling alleys across our country!

NOTE: I tried to register this past weekend but the site said that the registration for the Schofield Bowling Alley was not yet open; however, I was able to leave my email and the site indicated they would send me an automated message when registration for this program began. If you’re like me and need to write things down or be reminded of upcoming events then registering your email for the automated registration message might be a great idea. You won’t have to worry about remembering to visit the site again to check for open registration because the site will inform you of when you can register your kids for this remarkable opportunity!